Wuhan Spent Over $177M to Complete Its Test on Everyone in the City for COVID-19 Within 2 Weeks

A few months ago, people called SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the Wuhan virus.

Lest you’ve forgotten, it allegedly originated from there, and back then, most cases were isolated in that region.

But fast-forward to today, and Wuhan has just been cleared of the virus…twice.

Wuhan Spent Over $177M to Test All Their Residents for COVID-19 in 2 Weeks

Wuhan, also known as the Chicago of China, got into the world record as the first major city in modern history to have been locked down. All 11 million people in the city had to stay at home from 23 January 2020.

Two months later, on 22 March 2020, the city loosened its lockdown restrictions, and by 8 April 2020, the lockdown restrictions were completely lifted.

By then, China’s more or less cleared from the coronavirus as other countries started implementing their own lockdown.

However, after 35 days without a new case, the city reported its first 6 cases on 10 May 2020.

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The authorities immediately sprang into action, and if you think it’s a second lockdown or extensive contact tracing, think again.

The city decided to test everyone instead.

1.03 million people in the city have already been tested, so it means they’ve 10 million more people to test.

It sounds like an impossible task, but the city has done the impossible before and they’ve done it again.

The goal is to look for “hidden spreaders”.

Between 14 May to 1 June, 9.9 million residents in Wuhan went through nucleic acid tests—the test that detect whether a person has the virus within the body during time of testing. This test takes much longer than antibody tests as the samples need to be sent to a lab.

The city has 53 institutions that can run the nucleic acid tests and 211 testing sites for taking samples.

Yesterday, the authorities announced the results.

There was no active case at all.

Yes, zero.

There were, however, 300 asymptomatic cases, which the authorities added that they were no longer infectious.

New studies have shown that some people would still have traces of the virus after they’ve recovered, but these people are no longer infectious. This is why Singapore is now discharging patients after 21 days from the day they fell sick from COVID-19, as further tests might show that the virus is still within them but they can no longer infect anyone else.

In addition, over in China, they do not count an asymptomatic case as a confirmed case.

In other words, Wuhan just spent a whopping 900 million yuan (~SGD$177 million) and found no new case, and so the city’s clear from the coronavirus—again.

Impressive? Yes.


If only we could do that as well.

Two months in, and we’re still staying at home.

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