Touching Video of Crying Husband Shouting ‘I Love You’ to Nurse Shows The Sacrifice of Unsung Heroes

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By now, you would have already known about the novel coronavirus that originated from Wuhan.

While the rest of us are busy hiding in the safety of our own homes, others are on the frontline with surgical masks battling it out with the virus head-on in an attempt to provide medical attention to those who have already been infected.

Many medical professionals have given up the opportunity to be with their families during this Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays and instead choose to spend it in the hospitals to help those who are sick.

And this is one of them.

“I Love You”

Image: Pear Video

A touching video was recently shared by Pear Video and it shows a man dressed in black crying as he sends off a bus in the early morning of 26 January, which is also the second day of CNY.

According to information from the video, the bus with a team of medical staff from Huaihe Hospital of Henan University was set to leave for Wuhan to help out with the virus outbreak there.

Image: Pear Video

He shouts, “Wang Yuehua, I love you. I love you!” as the bus leaves before he starts breaking down in tears. You can even hear the crack in his voice.

Image: Giphy

Others who were there helped to comfort him as they sent off the bus.

Many of them were also wiping their tears away, probably because of the worry they had for their family and friends who were leaving for the battlezone.

Helping The Community

It was later revealed that the man was actually Xu Guoliang, a urological surgeon at the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University.

His wife, Wang Yuehua, was a nurse at the Huaihe Hospital and was going to Wuhan to help those in need. Needless to say, Xu was very worried and as a result of that, he couldn’t control his emotions and cried as he bade farewell to his wife.

Image: Pear Video

Wang said that she had gotten a notice from the hospital asking for volunteers to help with the situation in Wuhan.


Being selfless, she immediately signed up for it without telling her husband because she was afraid that he wouldn’t allow her to go for it.

While Xu understood his wife’s sentiments from a medical staff’s perspective because he trusted her skills, but from a husband’s point of view, he couldn’t help but worry for her safety.

Image: Pear Video

The couple has been together for 10 years now and together, they have a five-year-old son. Despite it still being the CNY season, Xu said that they have already returned to work and asked his parents to take care of their son.

He still doesn’t dare to tell them that Wang had actually gone to Wuhan to help and instead just told them that they were both busy working overtime.

With more than eight years of experience as a nurse in the respiratory department, Wang shared her desire to help those in need.

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While the couple is usually busy and Xu doesn’t usually express his love to his wife so openly, something came over him when he saw his wife get on the bus. For some reason, he had a strong urge to show his support and concern for his wife, and at that point in time, loudly declaring his love for her was the way to go.

Yes, my dear readers. Not all guys are made of wood. They just don’t express their love well.

You can watch the video here, but be warned: even if you’re an android that’s devoid of emotions, this video will activate your emotion chip.


Tears guaranteed.

Image: Pear Video

Hopefully, this epidemic will be over soon. Let’s pray for the safety of everyone, especially for the unsung heroes!

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