30,000 Workers From China Will Still Return to S’pore But Will Be Taking 14 Days of Absence Once Back

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Here are a few facts about the Wuhan virus situation happening right now:

The death tolls of the virus in China has exceeded the number of deaths from SARS in 2002-2003.

Singapore is well-prepared for the virus but the government said it might get worse.

And people are concerned about visitors from China. So much so that in Hong Kong, people are protesting about it.

Well, if you belong to the camp of people who believes in rejecting people from China, you’ll need to know this.

About 30,000 Workers From China Will Be Returning To S’pore Despite Wuhan Virus Threat

According to Manpower Minister Josephine Teo, there are about 30,000 Chinese Nationals working in Singapore who has yet to return to Singapore.

They went back to China for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

However, they will be allowed entry despite the recent ban on visitors who had been in China within the past 14 days.

Image: Meme Maker

But don’t worry because there are some precautions put into place.

Mandatory Leave of Absence For 14 Days

When these 30,000-some workers get back to Singapore, they have to go for a 14-day mandatory leave of absence (LOA).

The incubation period for the Wuhan virus is estimated to be between two to fourteen days. The average incubation period of the coronavirus is observed to be at 5.2 days.

If after this 14-day LOA, they do not show signs of the symptoms, they will get back to work.

Do Not Outcast Them, Please

Here’s a true story I’ve heard recently: A lady walks into McDonald’s and noticed a staff working with a mask on while another, without. She starts questioning if there are any illnesses in the restaurant.

Now, while that’s a personal anecdote, it shows one thing: Singaporeans are worried about their families getting the Wuhan virus.

And they’ll go to great lengths to avoid that. Up to and including ostracising people who are deemed to be “at-risk”.


The Manpower Minister urges for Singaporeans not to do that to people who have to take an LOA from work.

They’ve heard of cases of landlords, dormitory owners or even co-tenants chasing people away because “they are generally not well”.

These people are already affected by the LOA, she says, and we should try our best to make their lives better, not worse.

People might be scared because a mandatory LOA seems like a home quarantine order.

A home quarantine order is given because a person has been in contact with someone confirmed to have the Wuhan virus or just recently returned to Singapore from Hubei.

Leave of Absence “Just in Case”

It can be scary working with someone who was made to stay away for 14 days. But remember, it’s a “just in case” measure.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

In other words, it doesn’t mean they are carrying the Wuhan virus.

It’s just an extra safety precaution since the virus has shown the ability to be transmitted even before the symptoms show.

Singaporeans have gathered together and pulled through the SARS period back in 2002-2003, and the government hopes that we can do so once again.


And It’s Not Just Because We Have To Be Kind

Imagine if Singaporeans start discriminating against people who had to take the leave of absence?

People who don’t want that to happen will simply go straight back to work, which increases the chances of the Wuhan virus to spread within our communities.

After all, it’s not just the Chinese Nationals who has to take an LOA. Singaporeans who had recently travelled to China has to take the 14-day leave as well.

With that said, the government hopes for all employees and employers to exercise responsibility or they might be forced to take drastic measures.

And we all know from the PMD incident that when they say it, they mean it.


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