Xiang Yun Went from S to XL In 2 Years; Hopes Audience Accept her Change


No one can escape the ageing process.

Actresses like Xiang Yun, however, have more to worry about.

Other than the physical effects of ageing, she had to deal with the perception of the public as well.

In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Xiang Yun revealed how the ageing process has been like for her.

Xiang Yun Went from S to XL In 2 Years; Hopes Audience Accept her Change

One of the issues Xiang Yun had to deal with was the eventual weight gain.

Within the span of two years, she went from size S to XL.

Then, she really felt depressed.

“I really felt quite depressed then, it was really painful holding that qipao!”

It took her a few months to adjust her emotions, but she walked out all the better for it.

“I spent a few months adjusting my emotions. [The weight gain] was just a change in my appearance, I hope that audiences can also accept me as I age.”

A Positive Side Effect of Mindset Change

After adjusting her mindset, Xiang Yun also realised that she was able to take criticisms better.

Whenever she sees harsh comments on social media, she’ll comfort herself by saying that they’ll eventually come to understand as well.

“Although I occasionally see some harsh comments on social media, I think to myself, ‘They’ll grow old too!’, and I feel better.”

Be At Our Best At Every Stage in Life

It’s normal for everyone to change, she says, and it’s important for us to be at our best at every stage in life.

Other than dyeing her hair, Xiang Yun doesn’t look like she’s planning to change anything else about herself to look more youthful.

While she was approached by some plastic surgeons, she rejected them.

“I hope audiences can accept my natural self; I’m also curious about how I would look [ageing naturally].”

Truly a role model for everyone, indeed, don’t you think?

Apparently, it’s not just us that think so but scammers as well. Back in February 2022, Xiang Yun took to Facebook to warn fans about brands she doesn’t endorse.

Scammers downloaded Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen’s photos from her Facebook and photoshopped them into fake advertisements.


She made a police report and shared tips to differentiate the real from the fake:

  • All official advertisements from her will be shared directly on her Facebook page
  • She has a blue verified checkmark beside her name on Facebook. If the checkmark isn’t there, it means that the account is an impersonator.

She also asked her followers to take pictures of fake advertisements and send them to her, as well as to report them to Facebook immediately.

You can read more here.

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