Xiaxue Taught Us How To Check Whether Any Influencer Buys Followers & It’s Fun


We all know Xiaxue for her brazen personality and she has no qualms saying things as it is.

Image: Basketballwives.vh1.com

But this time round, it is something that we can actually try out and it might help our kaypoh-ness.

Over the weekend, she had another popular YouTuber, Dee Kosh, on her Youtube Channel to review social media influencer’s account and the credibility of their followers.

In this day and age, being a social media influencer is considered a legit job. Even The New Paper reported earlier this month on young social media influencers (who are students) getting sponsorships from beauty and apparel brands.

What happens if they actually bought the followers? Buying of followers is frowned upon, especially when advertisers engage them and they don’t see any return on investment.

So, Xiaxue and Dee Kosh did some digging by using a social media statistics tracker—Social Blade, to see whether the followers of the social media influencers were organic or if they were bought.

Social Blade allows you to view a person’s social media growth through a line chart.

They did have a disclaimer: They cannot say for a fact, if it’s bought or not and it is just their opinions.

According to them, a gradual growth of followers would more likely be more authentic.

This is Dee Kosh’s chart.

A healthy and gradual increase.

An organic increment of followers would be about 100+ a day

Here is Rosalyn Lee’s chart:

This is how an authentic growth of followers would look like.


An account that might seem fake or dubious is when there are sudden and extreme spikes.
Like these ones:

And this.

So now you got an idea how to read the chart?


So time to do some FBI work on your secondary schoolmates or friends who suddenly have a large following overnight.

Just head to social blade and key in the username you would like to snoop on, and voila!
You can look at their growth chart.

But of course, as a disclaimer again, this might not be fully accurate: they might have a campaign by a client during that spike, leading to more awareness for the account in a short time-frame.

Just take it with a pinch of salt.

Watch the full video if you want some humorous commentary on the charts.

And of course, we can’t help but to check out if Goody Feed has bought any followers.


Oh, wait, we only have got 1,552 followers?

Might as well just delete it instead of buying any followers #sorrynotsorry

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