Former Actor Xie Shaoguang Spotted in Pan Lingling’s IG Feed Looking As Charismatic As Before


I’m sure many of us are familiar with Xie Shaoguang, a verified legend on the small screen here.

Having appeared in numerous classics including Holland V and The Legends of Ji Gong, he has entranced the audience with his acting skills and on-screen presence.

Alas, however, he exited the limelight in 2005.

Since then, he has kept a relatively low profile.

And even though he has delivered the occasional acting class or two during this period (which was attended by many bona fide local stars by the way), his presence was more of a mystery than anything else.

Xie Shaoguang Spotted in Pan Lingling’s IG Feed; Actress Says He’s Now Back in S’pore

But it seems that years down the road, we now have confirmed news of a Xie sighting.

Just yesterday (20 September 2021), local actress Pan Ling Ling posted an update on her Instagram account, highlighting a very chic pose and a very familiar-looking face.

“We don’t meet often but we will chat for hours when we meet!” she gushed in her caption. “He is one of my VERY FAVOURITE screen partner.”

Lest you’re wondering, she was, of course, talking about the one and only…

Steven Lim.

Alright just kidding. She was actually talking about the man of the hour: Xie Shaoguang.


You can see their photos in her Instagram post here:


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Dressed in a simple black T-shirt, Xie could be seen rocking a minimalistic hairdo in the photo. A pair of glasses also hung on his shirt collar.

Though he has reportedly turned 60, he still looks every bit as charismatic as the Xie of nearly two decades ago. Truly, legends differ from the crowd.

As such, it was little wonder why local artistes have expressed their delight over Xie’s presence.

Local veteran actresses Huang Bi Ren and Chen Xiu Huan gave heart-eye emojis, while the likes of Romeo Tan and Christopher Lee were clearly appreciative.

Many Netizens have also expressed how he continues to look good, while others reiterated that he remains the best actor in Mediacorp, even to this day.

When asked whether Xie is back in Singapore, the actress replied in the positive.

Xie Shaoguang

After stepping away from the limelight, Xie had moved to Malaysia, where he opened an animal shelter and cooked at a vegetarian eatery.

In 2013, it was reported that he had become a monk in a Buddhist centre in Pontian.


And sometime in 2015-2016, Xie resumed his job as a chef.

Thereafter, in 2017, he had conducted a two-day workshop for next-gen Mediacorp artists, which included the likes of Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan.

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Feature Image: Instagram (@panlinglingg)