Everything About Ivan Lim’s Replacement, Xie Yao Quan, Who’s Introduced by Senior Minister Tharman

Unless you’re a cat who prefers hissing and scratching at humans trying to show your love to reading the news, you’re probably aware of the Ivan Lim saga.

But if you are a cat reading the news for the first time, let me thank you for choosing Goody Feed and congratulate you on resisting the impulse to lick yourself for these 10 minutes.

Ivan Lim was introduced by PAP as one of their 27 prospective candidates a few days ago. Lim currently holds the position of general manager at Keppel Offshore and Marine.

Image: People’s Action Party

Shortly after his formal introduction, several netizens shared negative anecdotes about their time with Lim in the army, at Keppel, and even in lifts (apparently he doesn’t smile in lifts).

With allegations cropping up faster than a controversial tweet on Trump’s account, Lim announced that he would withdraw his candidacy, just a few days before he could be formally nominated.

Now, with Lim out of the picture, someone else has swooped in to take his place.

Everything About Ivan Lim’s Replacement, Xie Yao Quan

Meet Xie Yao Quan.

Image: Facebook (Xie Yao Quan)

Xie, 35, is the head of healthcare redesign at Alexandra Hospital.

Once an SAF regular, Xie is also a board member of SG Enable and co-leads a task force to promote products made or designed by persons with disabilities.

According to CNA, Xie has been a volunteer in Jurong GRC since 2015, where he led numerous schemes to support lower-income families.

Image: Facebook (Xie Yao Quan)

Xie was formally introduced by Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam at PAP’s Bukit Batok East Branch.

Since Ivan Lim was tipped to contest in Jurong GRC along Senior Minister Tharman, Xie might take his place.

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An “Easy Decision”

On the appointment of Xie, Senior Minister Tharman said that it was an “easy decision”, given that Xie has been “working very hard” in Jurong for the past five years.

“I will say very frankly that Yao Quan is equal to our other candidates.”

“I’ve always been keen on Yao Quan because when he was here, he was leading and he’s well-regarded”, he said.

Image: Facebook (Xie Yao Quan)

Xie’s focus areas include keeping healthcare affordable and of good quality, lower-income families, and, improving coordination between healthcare and social support, reported CNA.

“The reason why I’m stepping forward today is because I believe in the role of a Member of Parliament in the local community – bringing people together and just making extraordinary things happen for the benefit of residents and creating a better home for everyone”.

Is He Lim’s Replacement?

When Senior Minister Tharman was asked if Xie was Lim’s replacement, he said:

“We really want to focus on the issues in this election, which is why Ivan decided to withdraw … We are moving on. We have a strong team. To be frank, I am very comfortable with the team we have.”

In political speak, I guess that’s a yes?

Sure, Xie’s photo proves he can smile, but we’ll have to see if those lips curl up in a lift. This is the true test of a good politician these days.

Image: Facebook (Xie Yao Quan)

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