Ex-Mediacorp Actress Ya Hui: Love Luck Has Improved After Leaving

Even if you don’t watch much local TV nowadays, you probably know Ya Hui.

After all, she’s been appearing on Singaporeans’ television screens for over a decade since she participated in the 2007 edition of Star Search.

However, 15 years after making her debut in Mediacorp, she announced earlier this February that she would be leaving the company in pursuit of a new adventure.

Her last day at Mediacorp was 28 February this year.

Why She Left Mediacorp

When speaking to The Straits Times about her departure, Ya Hui revealed that her decision was fueled by her desire to search for a “breakthrough” in life.

The 35-year-old expressed how she felt that she had hit a plateau in her career and realised that she had to step outside her comfort zone to attain more opportunities that could help her achieve the breakthrough that she was looking for.

Additionally, Ya Hui talked about how the song “I Can Endure Hardships” by Taiwanese rock band Power Station was playing on the radio on the day she decided that she would leave Mediacorp.

She said that the lyrics, which talk about bravely venturing into new beginnings and being able to endure hardships, resonated with her and gave her the encouragement she needed.

However, Ya Hui added that she will still be filming a long-form drama with Mediacorp until November this year, meaning that although she is no longer signed as a Mediacorp artiste, her schedule is still largely similar for now.

She Now Has to Handle Everything Herself

Regarding being a freelance artiste, Ya Hui highlighted how this is the first time she has had to handle all aspects of her career like herself.

Previously, when she was at Mediacorp, she did not need to do “behind-the-scenes” things such as sending invoices, replying to emails or meeting clients.

She added that being a freelance artiste means that she has to handle everything herself and that freelancers have no income if they are not highly proactive in their careers.

Despite this, she still has friends who aid her when she discusses payments for endorsement deals.

Love Luck Has Increased Since Leaving Mediacorp

However, despite having to handle her career largely by herself for the first time, Ya Hui disclosed that it has allowed her to receive email invitations from men asking if she would go on a date with them.

And even beyond the blind date invitations, it seems like Ya Hui’s overall love luck has improved after leaving Mediacorp.

She revealed that quite a number of her friends have introduced her to “eligible single men” ever since her departure from Mediacorp.

As for why she has suddenly been introduced to so many men now, Ya Hui guessed that it might be due to how she used to have a much busier schedule last time.

She explained that in the past, she did not have much time to go out as she was always busy with filming.

When speaking more about love and her ideal type, she said she is looking for “a good man”.

Which is super vague, but she broke it down further.

To her, a “good” man means that he has to look “presentable” and be financially stable.

As for whether any sparks have been ignited between her and others, she said that she is still “getting to know more people” for now.

Hopes for the Future of Her Career

On the other hand, Ya Hui also talked about her hopes for her career in the future.

She emphasised that her passion still lies in acting; she still hopes to one day accumulate ten Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes awards at the Star Awards so that she can win the All-Time Favourite Artiste award.

Currently, she has accumulated seven Top 10 awards.

For the unaware, the All-Time Favourite Artiste award is awarded to those who have won ten Top 10 Most Popular Male or Female Artistes awards.

And if you’re wondering how non-Mediacorp artistes can win awards at Star Awards, they actually can win awards as long as they meet any of the criteria:

  • If they are the main lead character or the host of a Mediacorp programme
  • If they take on a supporting role or episodic host in three programmes
  • If they appear in at least 30 episodes across various programmes

Regarding her goal to be awarded three more Top 10 trophies, Ya Hui mentioned how her fans have given her much support and are keen on seeing her accumulate ten Top 10 awards.

She added that her fanbase said they would “do their best” to help her attain more Top 10 trophies.

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Beyond the Star Awards, Ya Hui also talked about taking on roles that will help diversify her career.

In particular, she expressed her interest in taking on a role with a villainous side.

According to her, her interest in doing so was piqued by Copycat Killer, a Taiwanese thriller on Netflix.

Upcoming TV Shows and Movies

And although Ya Hui might not be appearing on our screens as often from now onwards, fans will be delighted to know that she still has some upcoming and currently-airing shows and movies.

On TV, viewers can watch her in Family Ties, a Channel 8 drama currently airing on weekdays at 9 pm.

In the show, she is the divorcee of fellow actor Shane Pow’s character. The duo co-parent their child in the programme as well.

Additionally, the newest local movie featuring her will be screened in cinemas from this Friday (12 May) onwards.

The movie, Seven Days, features Ya Hui as the oldest sister of a family who is ridden with work and family-related stress, as well as guilt over the death of her younger sister.

The movie also features other actors like Ayden Sng, Xuan Ong and Henry Thia.

Regarding her experience with filming the movie, she disclosed that she had to shoot a “revealing” scene of her at a spa.

She said it was her first time appearing on camera with a bare back and that she felt awkward while filming, but the production team helped by clearing the set for her on the day of filming.

With the movie opening in cinemas later this week, Ya Hui recently held a giveaway for tickets to watch the movie as well.