Yakult Explains Why They Refuse to Increase the Size of Yakult Bottles & It’s Thoughtful

Image: pujislab / Shutterstock.com

One of the evergreen beverages of our childhood, Yakult used to be one of the only “sweet drink” that parents would buy for us without complaining (unless your parents don’t care about unhealthy sweet drinks, in which case good for you).

Even when we get older, Yakult is still around us, sold by hawker centre drink stalls mixed with fruit juice.

But have you ever wondered why the Yakult bottles are so small? Other yoghurt drinks, or milk, or juice or whatever all have larger bottles, up to a few litres, but Yakult remains tiny af.

Image: pujislab / Shutterstock.com

Did you know there are actually very reasonable explanations, apart from Yakult trying to sell more bottles or something?

Yakult bottles have been small for over 70 years ever since its conception. In Singapore, each bottle is a tiny 100ml.

According to the Malaysian Yakult website, Yakult bottles are tiny for hygiene purposes.

If a larger bottle is provided, it may not be finished in one sitting and stored without an effective seal. This would increase the chances of any other harmful bacteria entering the bottle and affecting the quality of the drink.

There are billions of live probiotic bacteria in each bottle of Yakult, and the introduction of harmful outside bacteria can affect the number.

The whole point of Yakult is for the helpful probiotic bacteria, so if you keep opening and closing a large bottle, you’re just decreasing the quality of the drink. It’s much better to use smaller bottles to ensure quality.

Also, each small bottle contains enough Shirota strain Lactobacillus bacteria (Yakult’s own unique strain of powerful beneficial bacteria) for all the health benefits for a person, for a day.

It is completely unnecessary for anyone to drink more than 1 bottle, though more does not cause any adverse effects.

Besides, if you drink more (unnecessary) bottles of Yakult, that’s just going to take a toll on your own wallet, no?

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Although I have to admit Yakult does taste pretty damn good, and most of the time, 1 tiny 100ml bottle is not enough at all.

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