Ya Kun Offers to Send Woman 57 Cups of Kopi / Teh for Shouting Out for Them During NDP 2022


One of the most iconic moments that defined the National Day Parade of 2022 is definitely the shoutout to the Build-To-Order queue numbers and Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

The former echoes with every adult that wants a home to call their own, while the latter is quintessentially Singaporean.

The Shoutout

In the middle of the parade, host Rishu Budhrani headed to the stands to interact with the 25,000-strong crowd.

(After two years of conditioning, the numbers sound like an outbreak waiting to happen, ugh.)

Shortly thereafter, emcee Budhrani picked two women from the audience and asked, “What are you grateful for?”

The answer from Tiktok influencer Nicole Lei sent the audience into fits of laughter.

She said, “I’m very grateful to HDB for giving me a BTO queue number.”

Image: tiktok.com (@lielnicole)

Belatedly, she adds, “And Ya Kun Kaya Toast.”

The 24-year-old most definitely has her priorities straight.

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Response from Ya Kun Kaya Toast

To everyone’s surprise, Ya Kun Kaya Toast actually responded to her free shoutout.

The local café chain reached out to Nicole and offered her a sweet deal to her followers.

Apparently, Ya Kun asked if she was willing to receive 57 cups of kopi and teh as a form of gratitude for her free advertising on national television.

It sounds too good to be true, right?

But in typical Singaporean fashion, when we are given an inch, we try to take a mile.

Our bargaining skills are top-class, and our skin is as thick as the Great Wall of China.

In her Tiktok video, Nicole thanks Ya Kun toast for their beverage offering, before she says, “But I want your kaya toast”.


She even specifies that she wants to make it possible for her followers to redeem 57 Ya Kun Value Set A Meals, which comprises kaya toast, two soft-boiled eggs and a beverage of choice.

Although Nicole isn’t certain if Ya Kun will entertain her proposition, she’s crossing her fingers anyway and hoping for the best.

She even suggested to her followers to “spam” Ya Kun’s Instagram and perhaps try for 570 instead of 57.

Okay, the first addition sounds reasonable, but the second suggestion is going a tad bit too far.

Ya Kun is a business, not charity!


In any case, we will be looking forward to Ya Kun’s response.

Hopefully, they won’t take away the free drinks because of her cheekiness, yeah?

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Featured Images: TikTok (@lielnicole)