Man Allegedly Threw Yan Yan Biscuit Sticks at Girls Who Rejected Him for a Drink at Cuppage Plaza

When you get rejected after confessing, what do you do?

Champs would walk away respectfully. Losers will throw vulgarities. An absolute madman would throw Yan Yan biscuits.

Girls Night Ruined

On Thursday (8 Dec), Kim and her friend were chilling at Cuppage Plaza in Orchard when a manchild ruined their night.

In the Facebook post documenting the whole incident, Kim explained that a man in a black tee walked up to the ladies and offered to get drinks for them, presumably an invitation for them to join him and his friends.

The ladies declined the drinks, and the man walked off. Normally, the interaction would have ended there, but no, someone doesn’t have the word respect in their vocabulary.

30 minutes later, something hit the side of Kim’s face from behind, hard. They discovered that it was an unopened Yan Yan biscuit cup, and the culprit didn’t even try to conceal himself while doing the crime.

Obviously, it was none other than the guy they had rejected before, as he had thrown the cup while shouting “Woooo” while doing so.

Not cool Jim.

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Can’t Even Stand Up For Himself

When one of Kim’s friends went up to confront him about what he did, the culprit hid behind his friend, who tried to calm the girls down and pleaded for them not to call the police.

And he didn’t even seem guilty for what he did either, as he can be seen smirking behind his friend.

Image: Cheryl Kim (Facebook)

During the exchange between both parties, the culprit neither spoke nor even apologized.

When the police came, he ran away, leaving his friends there trying to calm the situation down.

The internet didn’t take kindly to him either, with people tagging their friends in the comments to keep an eye out for such a guy, and others leaving mean roasts.

Image: Cheryl Kim (Facebook)

Image: Cheryl Kim (Facebook)
Image: Cheryl Kim (Facebook)

Looks like the incident has reached the ears of his social circle, as some had DMed Kim privately on his identity.

Looks like he will not just be rejected that night; he will likely get rejected further down the road.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Cheryl Kim) / Shuttershock (FenrisWolf)