Viral Footage of Men Fighting in Yishun Coffeeshop is Alleged Due to a Beer Lady


Have you seen the video of two men brawling in a Yishun coffee shop?

One of the men has been arrested, and it’s been revealed that they were fighting due to a beer lady.

Here’s what happened.

Men Fighting in Coffeeshop

If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it here.

In the video, which takes place at Block 417 Yishun Avenue 11’s coffee shop, a bald man can be seen fighting another man wearing a blue shirt, who didn’t seem to fight back.

The bald man was being held back unsuccessfully by another man, while a grey-shirted man tried to approach the trio. However, he was hit by a woman holding a plastic chair.

Another woman with a pink ponytail then grabbed the chair and threw it away, and can be heard shouting at the group to stop fighting.


In a cut scene, the bald man can be seen walking away from the coffee shop with a beer bottle in hand. He then throws the bottle on the ground and walks back to the coffee shop.

Afterward, the police told the media that a 54-year-old man was arrested for carrying out a rash act causing hurt. A 57-year-old man was conveyed conscious to the hospital.

Blue-Shirted Man Unhappy with Beer Lady

A reporter from Shin Min Daily News visited the coffee shop on 2 June, where stallholders shared that they weren’t sure why the fight started.

One beer promoter revealed that she heard the man in the blue shirt was unhappy with the beer lady, the woman who was wielding the chair. This was apparently because she was pouring drinks for other customers but not for him.


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The blue-shirted man then got into a conflict with the bald man and the beer lady, which was how the fight started. The beer lady was helping someone to cover for their shift, and hadn’t been back at the coffee shop since the fight.

The bald man was identified as a regular customer, while the blue-shirted man was not recognised by the beer promoter. She added that fights in the coffee shop are “uncommon”.

Police investigations are still ongoing for this case.

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