Yishun Innova JC Student Enacts Terrorist Acts in Arab Costume During Racial Harmony Day


Everyone would know the purpose of Racial Harmony Day: other than getting to see your teachers dressed up in clothes you’ve never seen before, it’s to remind us the importance of diversity, and to  celebrate Singapore’s success as a racially harmonious nation.

It’s also to commemorate the 1964 race riots which took place on 21 July 1964 when Singapore was still part of Malaysia. This is why Racial Harmony Day falls on 21 July every year.

If you’d remember, during your school days, students and teachers in schools across the nation are encouraged to be dressed in other cultures’ traditional costumes, which is why nowadays, Racial Harmony Day has become Instagram Day for some.

But some students from Yishun Innova JC decided to make it a Racist Day instead.

Yishun Innova JC Student Enacts Terrorist Acts in Arab Costume During Racial Harmony Day

In a video posted on Reddit, a bespectacled student in a Middle Eastern thobe decided that it would be fun to act as a terrorist, and have his friends filmed everything down.

There was a footage of him beheading someone else, and also one of him leaving a suspicious bag in a classroom.

In both cases, he would rush out of the premises animatedly after conducting his act.

Suffice to say, it didn’t go well with netizens, and the authorities have since been alerted about it.

MOE’s Response

This morning (23 July), the Ministry of Education (MOE) told TODAYonline that it is aware of a video depicting a “misbehaving student” from YIJC, and added that the “student is currently cooperating with police investigations.”

As to why the police are involved, the police said that a police report had been lodged, and like what MOE said, a student is currently assisting the police with investigations.

It’s still unknown whether this could’ve taken place this year (though Racial Harmony Day was just two days ago) as MOE did not mention when the footage was taken, but added, “YIJC has spoken to the student to help him understand that his actions were inappropriate, and that care and sensitivity must be exercised in Singapore’s multiracial and multireligious context.”

Well, maybe for him, it’s not Racial Harmony Day or Instagram Day, but a TikTok Day instead.

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Featured Image: Reddit