You Can Buy A Sling Bag That Looks Like A Garbage Bin On Lazada From $6.85

Online platforms like Lazada, Ezbuy and Shopee are known for their cheap products.

However, if you frequent the platforms long enough, you would realise that they sell a bunch of weird, or rather novel-looking items too.

For example, fish slippers. Has anyone heard of those?

Image: Shopee

Not gonna lie, but I kinda want to get those. It’s definitely not very fashionable and I can’t see the pair of shoes going with anything in my closet but I wouldn’t mind getting it just for the laughs.

And while we’re on the topic of fish-related products…

Image: Shopee

Fish pencil cases. Would definitely get them.

And these pen holders that look like venus fly traps.

Image: Shopee

However, this latest novel-looking bag has stirred up quite a few of questions.

Lazada’s Garbage Bin Handbag 

Let me start by showing how it looks like.

Image: Lazada

These small container bags come in four different colours – grey, blue, green and red.

Don’t know which colour to get? You can get them all!

The four bags can be chained together in a line.

Image: Lazada

Each small bag costs $6.85 after discount and a chain of four cost $16.78.

Now I Have Questions…

First. The name of the item?

Image: Lazada

Hmm. “Chain Personality Bag, Trash Can”?

Does that mean I should get my ex one of these because his personality is pretty trash?

At least the front part of the sentence tells me that it’s supposed to be a “sorting bag”?

But I don’t really get what I can sort here… which leads me to my next point: practicality.

Image: Lazada

As shown in the picture, the bins can only fit things the size of a poker card. So what exactly do I put in these?

What Exactly Are You Suppose To “Sort”?  

Besides using it as a fashion piece, the miniature version of the trash bins allows you to separate your trash while you are on the go.

Image: Lazada

So instead of putting your used tissue paper in your pocket and forgetting about it after, throw it in your recycling bin bag.

Is It Really Saving The Environment? 

Many are more eco-conscious now, with the increase in companies cutting down the use of straws to reduce plastic waste.


And I guess… if you were to really use this product if you were to get it, then, by all means, go ahead and buy it. However, if you’re only in it for the short run, you’re better off saving the environment without it.

After all, you might just be contributing to plastic waste.


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