You Can Get Boba Milk Tea With Diamond Pearls At $4.04 On Selected Air Asia Flights


Budget airlines are popular among travellers for one reason: it’s cheap.

So we’re willing to forgo some trivial luxuries like a free meal, a free drink or extra legroom for the price.

But now, a budget airline is offering something that’ll make bubble tea lovers go crazy.

Bubble tea at 30,000 feet.

Image: Facebook (อีเทิ้ลรีวิว)

And it’s not just normal bubble tea.

Oh no, we’re talking about something more precious. Like diamond konjac pearls.

Image: Facebook (อีเทิ้ลรีวิว)
Image: Imgflip

So who’s offering this baby and where can you get some?

Image: Facebook (อีเทิ้ลรีวิว)

Yes, it’s Air Asia. But take note that it’s not available on every flight.

Just Selected Air Asia Flights

According to Air Asia’s official website, the jewelled boba tea is only available on Air Asia flights with the code FD and XJ.

The drink will set you back by 90 THB, around S$4.04.

So if you’re travelling via:

  • Air Asia, which is highly likely considering the FD flights operates in a huge range of countries including Singapore Changi Airport;
  • Or Air Asia X, which goes to Japan, China, South Korea or Australia

Chances are, you’ll get to enjoy this baby.

Existed Since 2012

If you’re wondering who to thank for the idea of bubble tea high up in the sky, you’re looking at them.

That’s right, it’s Air Asia.

Back in 2012, it was reported that Air Asia was the first airline to introduce bubble tea in their menu.

Not surprising, considering Thai Milk Tea is the national icon of Thailand. 

Nor is the normal milk tea the only bubble tea on their flights.

There’s Wintermelon Milk Tea with Pearls On Their Z2 flights

Image: Air Asia

Bandung Milk Tea With Pearls

So If You’re Planning To Travel

Why not do it via Air Asia? Ps, this isn’t a sponsored post, although we really wish they’ll come to us, please?


It’s cheap and now, you can take your love for boba tea to the next level.

The 30,000 feet level, to be exact.


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