Young Passenger Got His Father to Pay His Taxi Fare But Father Bargained With Cabby Instead

If you’ve no money to take a taxi or a private hire vehicle, what do you do?

You take the public transport, of course.

But not this fellow whom we’re going to call DS (Daddy’s Son), because unlike many of us whereby we’d just faithfully pay our fares or risk being locked up in a police station for a cup of coffee, DS decided to pull a stunt instead.

Took Taxi But No Money to Pay

According to Stomper L, whose father is a taxi driver, DS took L’s father’s taxi from Toa Payoh to Aljunied today (22 May) at about 2:30pm.

The fare came out to be $7.60.

Nothing’s wrong with that, except that DS realised he didn’t have any cash with him.

Now, note that DS looks to be in his late twenties and isn’t a young teenager who doesn’t know how the world works.

And so, DS suggested contacting his father instead.

What a winner.

So the taxi driver now has three choices:

  • Drive DS back to Toa Payoh so the fare would be deducted accordingly in the meter (read on Internet that this works)
  • Call the cops on DS for $7.60, which he can easily earn back instead of going through the hassle
  • Agree with DS’s suggestion

So being the good taxi driver he is, he opted for the third choice.

DS’s “father” (I’m not the only one who doubts this, am I?) said that he will make the payment later.

DS alighted, taxi driver went on with his business and everything’s fine, right?


DS’s “Father” Played The Pity Card

When DS’s father didn’t transfer any cash, the taxi driver went on to message him.

Image: Stomp

And the shocking reply?

“Hi, I am old and a pioneer generation not much money can I pay $4?”

Image: Stomp

Which the taxi driver rejected, because for one, he’s 64 years old—also an “old” fellow.

Eventually, they came to a compromise.

Image: Stomp

The taxi driver’s daughter, who sent the story to Stomp, has this to say: “We understand that it’s a crucial period for everyone and finance is tight, but drivers are trying to make a living too.

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“It’s not about the amount, to be frank. It’s about one’s principle and integrity.

“Shouldn’t the passenger have the courtesy to inform the driver or ask if there are other available payment methods before boarding the car?


“As a Singaporean, I believe we should be having more solidarity in such difficult times like this. However, it is with great dismay to know what my dad experienced.”

I don’t know why no one’s putting the blame on DS, who caused all the trouble and left two elderly to settle his debt.

Maybe he’s just a fruit.


And just so you know, taxi drivers aren’t doing well nowadays.

Earnings Dropped by 60% to 70%

Lest you still didn’t know and had always gone online to post those “extend Circuit Breaker to save lives!” comments, then get this: while we want to save as many lives as possible, many people’s livelihoods have been affected, and that include taxi drivers.


According to various taxi drivers and PHV drivers, they’re now earning 60% to 70% less than what they used to earn.

So imagine if you’re earning $3,000 a month and all of a sudden, you’re earning $900 a month.

And needless to say, your bills still come in very regularly monthly.

So playing the victim’s card nowadays isn’t going to work because everyone’s a victim.

Unless you work in Sheng Siong lah, then that one different.



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