Young S’pore Girls Filmed Smoking & Casually Passing Cigarette Around On Bus

I don’t dislike people who smoke.

I personally wouldn’t do it myself but there are those who’re quick to identify those who do so as ‘bad people’.

Which is really stupid, to be honest. 

Image: Make a Meme

What I do agree with is the smoking restrictions in certain areas like indoor buildings and vehicles.

Those are enclosed areas and not everyone can stand the smell (or might have asthma).

And today, we take a look at two people without such decency.

Smoking On The Bus

You’re definitely getting slightly curious after reading that subheader.

According to Singapore Uncensored, a video of two girls smoking on a bus has been circulating around Facebook.

While I have not been able to find the video, it is mentioned that the two girls were sharing the cigarette and taking turns to smoke.

It seems really odd that they would try this because I’m pretty sure not smoking on buses is common knowledge.

A netizen even recognised one of the girls and said that she attends the same school as her daughter.

Good luck to the school if said parents report it and have to deal with the aftermath.


The minimum smoking age is 19 and you can be fined S$300 for underage smoking.

Those who smoke in illegal areas can be fined up to S$2000 dollars so these two girls really need to watch out.

Because these two girls definitely don’t look old enough and $2300 is a bank-ender for students.

Smoking-Hot Comments

If you thought the internet wouldn’t rise up then you’re mistaken.

Singapore Uncensored’s post went viral with 312 shares, 27 comments and 44 out of 111 reactions (as of this writing) being angry ones.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Uncensored)
Image: Facebook (Singapore Uncensored)

Language aside, I do think that this comment has a point and that they probably could’ve waited to smoke elsewhere.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Uncensored)

A slightly more sarcastic one with jabs at their attitudes but be careful about generalising Singaporeans.

We did find a comment that showed a calmer form of anger and even explained their behaviour.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Uncensored)

You have to wonder at some point if the bus driver tried to stop them because I’m sure the cameras would have picked it up.


Putting aside the comments, I really hope the girls do learn from this and change their ways.

Also because repeat offenders and can be fined S$10000 and it would be sad (funny) to see that happen.


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