Youngster Caught on Camera Riding E-Scooter on Expressway


In case you missed it, a little common sense and reading into the capabilities of what PMDs like e-scooters can do will show you that they are basically cars.

Youth Riding Ultron on ECP at about 70 km/h

And if you need further proof, here‘s a video of someone actually riding it like the bike that it is, on the ECP.

And if you’re unable to watch the video, here’s what happened in the video. But I do urge you to actually watch the video as the music makes the difference.

Our driver is driving casually on the road.

Image: BWSS Facebook

Until suddenly… that looks like… an E-scooter?

Image: BWSS Facebook

Driving closer, it’s actually a pretty young guy not wearing any helmet or any protective gear like elbow or knee pads.

Image: BWSS Facebook

Mind you, the e-scooter was riding slightly slower than other vehicles, but this is still the expressway and the e-scooter’s speed is easily estimated at 70~80km/h.

According to the Active Mobility Act, a PMD can only be used on shared paths and footpaths at a maximum speed of 25km/h and 10km/h respectively.

There are just too many wrongs here.

Firstly, not even humans or bicycles are allowed on the expressway since it’s like an MRT track: vehicles are moving fastly without any traffic lights.

Secondly, no vehicles, except for emergency vehicles or breakdown vehicles, can be on the road shoulder.

And thirdly, if the guy loses his balance and falls on the road, he’d be meeting his maker immediately.

Nobody was harmed in this video, but if nothing else, this clearly demonstrates the capabilities of e-scooters as full-blown vehicles.

Netizen Comments

Some netizens expressed their concern towards the lack of safety measures.

We can’t forget that everything in this world is memeable.

And as a person who regularly wears a tinfoil hat for fashion purposes, I liked that last comment talking about this being a conspiracy theory to ban PMDs.

Reminder: Some e-scooters are capable of going 120 km/h

This scooter isn’t the only one showing the capabilities of PMDs. Previously, there was even one that went above 120 km/h.

As a reminder from that article, these are the requirements to follow for PMD users:

Image: LTA

Users who fail to follow these rules are liable for a “fine of up to $5,000 and/or 3 months jail term for a first-time offence“. PMD users also have to register their device, pasting an identification sticker and wearing a helmet when travelling on the road, although riding on the roads is technically not allowed.


Another e-scooter was seen riding along the expressway at 60~80km/h November last year. And here’s yet another one riding in the middle of the expressway with cars going 100 km/h.

A last reminder: LTA is continuing to catch naughty PMDs riders.

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