E-scooter Crashed Onto Car, Scolded Driver & Blocked Her Number

Riding an e-scooter can be pretty fun. It’s like riding a bicycle, but more fun because adding e in front makes it like an actual bike.

And for some people, “feel” like a bike isn’t quite enough; they want to actually do it without the trouble of getting a license. Like this guy at Woodlands Ring Road.

Image: Roads.sg

Oi, where you looking in the middle of the road?

And like anybody who isn’t watching where he is going, the only thing that can happen happened.

Image: Roads.sg

It’s not really hard to see who’s at fault here guys.

A vehicle that isn’t supposed to be on the road with a rider that isn’t paying attention to other vehicles, knocking into the back of another vehicle that is supposed to be on the road with a driver actually paying attention.

Paying attention to what? Zebra crossing and pedestrians:

Image: Roads.sg

And you would have thought the dude would be a little apologetic, or maybe even grateful that he didn’t die from this accident.


Image: Roads.sg

See that hand? That’s the blaming hand.

Blaming, scolding and not paying

The original poster of the video said that the rider scolded her for braking suddenly when she came out. Her vehicle was even damaged, so she took his phone number to contact him later.

As if shifting the blame wasn’t enough, the dude said that he does not have money, and blocked her calls.

I don’t know man, but when I was a kid all I had to do was apologise and reflect on my actions. That would make most adults less furious about the mistake and maybe even forgive you for it.

Without any compensation or apologies, the car owner was then forced to make a police report.

PSA: PMDs are still basically cars

In a previous article for a kid on kick scooter almost ran down by a car, I made a PSA saying that driving is still a dangerous thing.

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And as someone genuinely afraid of 2-tonne metallic beasts charging at 60kmph, the new Road Traffic Act kind of alleviates my fear a little.

Just a little.

Because accidents like this always remind me that even my pedestrian walkways, even just right outside malls is now basically a traffic road. In that link is another e-scooter rider who hit a child outside Orchard Shopping Centre, along the walkway.

But shit, even in MRTs and NTUC?

I’m like, more durable than a child, but being hit by a PMD hurts more than 9 times the punch of an average person AT THE LEGAL SPEED LIMIT. Imagine the pain if it’s not at the speed limit, like what most irresponsible PMD riders are doing.

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Except, oh, there might not be any pain because you can die from it.


A facebook comment eloquently illustrates what could have happened, like a snapped neck:

Image: Road.sg Facebook

And I’m not even joking. Here’s a small list of people dying with a minute Google searching:

Don’t play play or someone will pray pray hor.

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