Youths Broke CB Rules & Sabo-ed Themselves on Instagram to Show off Their Antics

We all know that social gatherings are not allowed during circuit breaker period. But-

Government: Wear a mask!

Sovereign: No! I am a sovereign!

Government: No social gathering!

Youths: *posts photos and videos of themselves on Instagram in social gatherings*


Youths Broke CB Rules & Sabo-ed Themselves on Instagram to Show off Their Antics

Social media these days have become a platform for people to vlog about their daily lives. Especially during this circuit breaker period, social media has been the main channel to tell people what we have been up to.

We see people posting about the latest cake they’ve baked or their latest yoga pose that they have been perfecting during this circuit breaker.

However, for these groups of youths, social media was a way for them to shoot themselves in the foot.

An Instagram Story depicted a group of youths engaging in a social gathering.

They were smoking and hanging out at the lift lobby, as well as staircase of a Housing Board block (HDB).

Stomper Simon screen-recorded the video on 18 April (Saturday) and the video was posted within a day of him seeing it.

Simon also shared another video with Stomp, of a youth removing a safe distancing sticker from the seat of a public bus and pasting it on his girlfriend to “mark” her.

I don’t know what joy it brings from this, and my brain just can’t comprehend why someone would take a video of himself doing so. Is it fun sabo-ing himself? I have no idea.


This wasn’t the only case of self-sabotage. Another Stomper, Peggy, also shared an Instagram Story on SG Dirty Fella’s Facebook group page of another group of youths gathering in an apartment.

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The caption writes “Xiao Bengs and Xiao Lian having merry fun at one of their houses during circuit breaker period. Proceed to post on social media to show off their crimes.”

Ignorant Or Just Couldn’t Care Less?

It seems that these youths have either underestimated the power of social media, or they seem to have purposely done so to get attention.

It’s just like this man who posted photos of him having dinner with his cousin-in-law on Facebook with the caption of “So what”, and got fined $4.5K for it.

School’s starting next month, and we can only wonder what more we would be seeing in social media soon.

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