Video of 4 Youths in S’pore Who Said They Won’t Date ‘Fat Girls’ Got Almost 3 Million Views in 2 Days


A one-minute video of an interview which went down on the streets of Orchard Road on Monday, 18 July, started trending on TikTok for all the wrong reasons.  

The interviewer, TikTok user @aimrun, had asked 4 youths if they “would ever date a fat girl?” and that’s when their tone death responses began.

All 4 responded with “No, that’s not my type.”

The first of the bunch went on to explain himself, saying, “It’s just preferences. Some people just don’t like fat people.”

His friends followed suit, chalking it up to “preference” and it being “just a type”.

Right…and girls totally love superficial guys with a discriminative attitude.

It’s just soooo irresistibly attractive, amirite ladies?

When the interviewer pressed further, the responders went on to say they couldn’t give one, two, (or even three, if you’d like) f***s if the girls, presumably watching the video, called them a fat phobics because of their comments.

Image: TikTok (@aimrun)

If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to someone who holds negative attitudes and stereotypes towards those with larger bodies.

“Embrace it bruh, hell yeah,” one of them ended off with.

But the interviewer then found the perfect question to ask to get the boys reflecting on the soundness of their statements by asking, “Is it okay if a girl wants to date a guy for their height?”

And guess what they said.

A resounding “Nooooo.”

One of the blonde guys then went on to elaborate, “If height’s (like) the only reason, then no. But if height’s (like) a preference, then I guess it’s fine…”

Umm…can someone (like) explain to this fella that these two things aren’t mutually exclusive?

Just When You Thought Their Responses Couldn’t Get Any More Hypocritical, They Did

Hearing this, the first responder and his friend then butt in with a loud “Noooooo, no no. Even if it’s preference, like no.”



Okay I’ve gone for a walk, gotten a cup of Ice Milo, and calmed down. Let’s carry on, before I lose my remaining brain cells.

Pointing out the double-standard attitude they were displaying, the interviewer then said, “So it’s okay for guys to have preference for girls’ size—”

Presumably, he was going to finish off with asking “But it’s not okay for girls to have preference for guys’ heights?”

But he couldn’t even make it to that part.


Because one of the boys cut in by saying, “You can control your size…but you can’t control your height. If you’re fat, you can just lose weight what.”

Okay, and you can also just control your mouth what.

They Caught Major Flak in The Comments Section

“4 Big Swimming Red Flag 🚩🚩 🚩 🚩,” one user wrote.


Judging from all these comments roasting them, and their accompanying likes, we’re guessing the boys are now realising that guys and girls, fat or thin, don’t have a “preference” for them either.

Some Say The Interviewer is Also To Blame for Asking Such a Question

Not all netizens are solely enraged by the four boys. Some have also pointed the finger at the Interviewer @aimrun, with several users pointing out his choice of weird questions to begin with.

Image: Twitter (@arianaiskandarr)

And we have to agree, it does seem awfully like he’s trying to instigate some sort of drama by asking such questions.

But hey, anything for the views these days, am I right?

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Featured Image: TikTok (@aimrun)