Police Reveal Identities of $32 Million Scammer Couple; Man Was a Former Shoes Salesman


The faces of the fraudster couple have finally been revealed.

Like, almost three weeks late, but we got there.

Commit their faces to your memory now, because the local and foreign authorities and the Interpol are currently on a manhunt for them.

This is probably the biggest fraud since the OCBC online phishing scam which had more than 500 victims.

As of right now, there are at least 180 police reports lodged against the couple.

Kevin Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipa

The husband and wife that created Tradenation and Tradeluxury are called Kevin Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipa respectively.

Image: Singapore Police Force

The 26-year-old Singaporean man, Kevin Pi Jiapeng, was originally from a humble background and he worked as a shoes salesman.

It was said that he met his 27-year-old Thai wife, Pansuk Siriwipa, on a dating app.

Instead of your classic Cinderella tale, the roles are reversed in the story; Siriwipa reportedly comes from a more well-to-do family than her husband, and even bought him his first sports car, a McLaren.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the McLaren which supposedly belongs to Pi was listed for sale, valued at around S$270,000.

The same car was spotted at their rented landed property at Holland Road.

Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报

The photo was taken by an unnamed individual, who had allegedly been cheated by the couple, when they visited the couple’s property to confront them.

There was a blue and red sports car parked on the property’s driveway, completely abandoned as their owners fled the country with the ill-begotten money.

Couple Believed to Have Fled to Thailand

On 20 July, an Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) spokesperson stated the couple has fled Singapore.

They left Singapore by hiding in a lorry’s container compartment on 4 July.

The 40-year-old Malaysian who abetted the couple in leaving the country by illegal means has since been arrested.


Both Pi and Siripiwa are without their passports.

Pi’s passport was seized by the police when he was under investigation for involvement in cheating offences on 27 June, though he was released on bail on 28 June.

His wife, who had been assisting the police in the investigations, surrendered her passport on 30 June.

The couple purportedly entered Malaysia via Tuas Checkpoint and are currently in Thailand.

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Believed to Have Swindled More Than $32 Million

While the initial estimates were that the couple made off with the widely reported figure of $32 million, insider information has shown that it might be a lot more than that sum.


That’s right, they have apparently done a lot more financial damage. 

An insider who was interviewed by Shin Min Daily News revealed that the couple probably made off with around S$50 million worth in criminal proceeds, in cash and/or branded products.

A person claiming to be Pi’s former business partner stated that Pi had taken a watch from him, and had promised that he would pay the other party back.

However, as we know now, Pi didn’t keep his promise. He certainly didn’t pay his dues after three months.

The individual lost contact with Pi shortly thereafter and suffered substantial financial losses as well.

Moreover, the insider told the reporters that Pi has a Rolex watch supplier, but it’s more than likely that he made off with the Rolex watches instead of selling them as he was meant to.


The Police Working With Foreign Law Enforcements

Currently, the Singapore Police Force is working in tandem with their foreign law enforcement counterparts to track down the couple and the illegal proceeds.

Warrants for their arrest and Interpol red notices have been issued as well.

If anyone has information on the couple, please call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000 or +65 6255-0000 for overseas callers.

The information can also be submitted on the iWitness website.

Nice wordplay on the website’s name.


The police stated that all provided information will be kept strictly confidential. 

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报