Youths Jump on Lift Railings When Cockroaches Take the Lift With Them


Elevator Escape Drama: Youths’ Hilarious Encounter with Cockroaches Goes Viral

If there’s one thing that can send shivers down most people’s spines, it’s the sight of a cockroach. Now picture being trapped in a lift with one of these dreaded insects. Could you survive that horror?

Unfortunately, this nightmare scenario was a reality for three youths. A Tik Tok video posted, six days ago, has been making waves as it captures the youths clinging onto the lift railings when faced with a cockroach crawling on the lift floor.

Imagine what would’ve happened if there were no railings… or worse if the cockroach could fly.

Cockroach Ambushes the Youths in The Lift

The video starts with the youths entering the lift. To their horror, just as the door was about to close, a cockroach scurried inside.

The three of them immediately screamed. Both the girl and the guy in the video swiftly climbed onto the lift railing with their feet dangling, determined to keep the cockroach at bay.

This one insect managed to unleash them into stuntmen’s, with impressive (and funny), poses just to avoid contact with the cockroach.

Unfortunately, the person recording this chaotic video had no railings to cling to. Instead, he was backed into the corner, laughing hysterically as he moved around trying to avoid the cockroach.

The cockroach made its way under the area the girl was hovering over. Fortunately, just as it nears her, the lift door opened. Without any hesitation, she leaped off the railing and sprinted out of the lift, closely following her two companions.

Another Cockroach Appeared 

As they exit the elevator, their laughter quickly turned into screams again, as another cockroach appeared on the ground. They quickly ran away, maintaining a much larger distance between themselves and the cockroach.


The video attracted numerous views and comments. Some commented, admitting that they would not survive this incident, while one one witty observer said that they now understand the purpose of the railings in the lift.

You can watch the video here:


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Cockroaches: A Universal Source of Fear

For most people, cockroaches are a universal source of fear, with only a few brave souls immune to their presence. Recently, a FoodPanda rider demonstrated extraordinary bravery by helping a customer to remove a cockroach from her house. The customer found the insect in the middle of her floor and asked the rider for help.

The rider, notably, declined the customer’s offer of “expired Baygon” as he simply required a piece of tissue to discard it. Not only did he eliminate the intruder, but he even offered to help to throw her rubbish since he was going to throw the cockroach. She then expressed her heartfelt thanks for him and shared the experience on her Tik Tok account.

If only this brave rider was in the lift with the trio during that incident…