YouTube Ghost Prank Video Shows S’poreans DGAF About Ghosts


Last Updated on 2023-03-24 , 1:41 pm

Haunted houses bring to mind an exciting night, with bloodcurdling screams from ghastly figures in wisps of silks.

Everyone knows you have to be scared in there in order to enjoy one. But in reality, ghosts don’t exactly feature in Singaporean’s idea of a frightening experience.

In fact, it could be the opposite. Maybe Singaporeans themselves are scarier than ghosts?

In this Youtube video by RabaksSG, some visitors were invited to the floor where the ghost was situated.

Hiding behind a door, a girl with long dark hair covering her face was draped in a plain white sheet – the perfect re-enactment of your typical ghost.

Image: rabaks

After stepping out of the lift, some victims looked confused, as if sensing something was off, but were unable to pinpoint what was wrong with their surroundings.

Image: rabaks

Surprisingly, most were unafraid, their stride steady as they merely spared the ‘ghost’ a glance and walked past the figure. Some jolted back with a yelp but ended up laughing at the ‘ghost’ floating idly.

A brave soul took it upon him to vanquish whatever awaited him and slowly approached the hiding place of the ghost before making his move, grabbing her hair.

Image: rabaks

He did look slightly apologetic afterwards, so the ‘ghost’ begrudgingly did not fight back.

Image: rabaks

In contrast, one of the victims was reduced to a shrieking mess on the floor, his mouth wide open in shock. At least he recovered quickly and strolled off in a huff.

Perhaps it was the bright lights and lone straggler with minimal makeup and dressing that made the situation less creepy than it would be in a haunted house. Another way to put it would be that we’re so convinced that our surroundings are always safe, that nothing poses as a danger, though that’s obviously not true.

You can watch the full video here:


Either way, ghosts just aren’t scary to us. As Singaporeans, we still love those intricately decorated rooms and our blood splattered actors, especially when Halloween comes around, so maybe we’ll stick to that rather than everyday scares.

Lessons from this video? You can scare a Singaporean with a GST increase, but you can’t scare one with a ghost.