You’ve been eating prata the wrong way! Here’s how to eat it like a true Indian

Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 5:01 pm

C’mon, can we have a little bit of respect please? We’re referring the 90% of Chinese Singaporeans here because they seem to have absolutely no idea how to eat a prata properly. Like, why is it only the Chinese who like to impose their way of eating onto the other culture’s food? I mean, have you seen an Indian eat Hokkien Mee with his hands?

The reason why prata isn’t cut into small manageable pieces is because it is not designed to be eaten like Chinese food. Chinese food is usually cut up unto small bite size pieces that can be eaten with chopsticks or spoon and fork.

First, a little bit about the prata. It is a fried flour-based pancake that is supposedly indigenous to Singapore. Over the years, our well loved Singaporean breakfast have mutated from the humble Roti Prata Kosong (Plain Roti Prata) to an unbelievably wide range of variety. From Egg prata to Onion cheese mushroom prata, to pizza prata and even ice cream prata and all of it, all of it are not supposed to be eaten with a spoon and fork.

Today Goodyfeed will educate the general public on how to eat prata like a true Indian.

Step 1: Press the prata down with 5 fingers into the plate to make it firm.

Step 2: With your index finger and your thumb, pinch a portion of the prata, preferably the part closer to the edge of the prata.

Step 3: Holding the rest of the prata firm to your plate using the last 3 fingers, pinch tight and pull a piece of prata from the prata. Tear it off.

Step 4: Dip it into generous amount of curry.

Step 5: Also our favorite part, put the prata into your mouth. And be careful not to drip any curry onto your shirt.

There it is, the most authentic and correct way to eat prata like a true Indian.

We wish you the best of appetites, and may the curry be with you. Thank you.