If you’ve got a DBS / POSB card, do this and you’ll get $2 off for all movies in GV!

Movies tickets are becoming more and more expensive nowadays, so much so that torrented movies are taking over the industry. However, GV is making it easier for you to say no to piracy, as it’s now offering a special promotion for DBS/POSB cardmembers!

The promotions available are below:

  •  $2.00 off Non-3D movie ticket everyday
  • $1.50 off 3-D movie ticket (everyday)
  • $3.00 off Gold Class movie ticket (Mondays to Wednesdays)
  • $9.00 for a DBS Combo (01x 85oz Large Popcorn + 02x 22oz Regular Coke) and/or Special DBS Combo(s) available with any purchase of a pair of 3D or Non-3D movie tickets using DBS GV iCard online. (Not valid with purchase of Gold Class movie tickets)

You just need to sign up for the DBS GV iCard, which is basically a virtual top-up card that you can use to purchase movie tickets online. DBS GV iCard can only be topped up with DBS/POSB Credit and Debit Cards Visa/MasterCard issued in Singapore.

The iCard will expire 12 months from date of activation or 12 months from the end of these movie privileges (31 March 2017)  whichever is earlier.

At the start, you will have to load an initial load value of S$40. You can also top up in multiples of S$50. Even though there is a minimum deposit of $40, you can think of it as just purchasing 5 – 6 movie tickets which can easily be all used up in a single transaction if you invite your friends.

There’s just a small catch to this: you have to pay a $1.50 fee for each transaction for booking through an online channel.

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