10 Exciting Things You Need to Know about Changi Airport T4 Which will Open in 2017

Changi Airport has been constantly changing since it started operations in 1981. With no surprise, the new Terminal 4 will bring you design and process innovations that will redefine your travel experience.

What are some exciting things you need to know about Terminal 4? 

1. Heritage Zone

Image: thedesignair.net

Experience Singapore’s heritage via cultural shopfronts featuring multi-coloured facades of old Peranakan houses. This lends rich insight into Singapore’s Peranakan culture, thanks to beautifully preserved architecture. Look forward to it if you’re interested to find out more!

2. Double Volume Shopfronts

These aesthetically pleasing shopfronts enhance your shopping experience as you wander through the Departure Transit Lounge. It provides a vibrant leisure and entertainment space in Terminal 4 for passengers to feel sufficient. Now isn’t that a beauty?

3. Central Galleria

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Step into Changi’s centralised double-volume Arrival Hall; the sense of space and natural light will instantly give you a warm Singapore welcome. Visitors such as yourself will definitely find comfort in the spacious hall, making your travelling much more rounded and satisfied. 

4. Self-Service Kiosks

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Skip the queue with self-service check-in and bag-drop counters. Biometric technology makes your travel experience faster and more seamless. This reduces long queues and time wasted in waiting, increasing the productivity of Terminal 4. You wouldn’t have to feel grumpy waiting any longer!

5. Fast and Seamless travel (FAST)

T4 will see a terminal-wide implementation of fast and seamless travel (FAST) initiatives to enhance passenger experience and operational efficiency. The preparatory works will involve the installation and testing of key airport systems and processes including the new FAST self-service and automated options covering check-in, bag drop, immigration clearance and boarding. Processes will be faster and efficient, making Terminal 4 a worthwhile wait!

6. Increasing capacity 

The development of T4 includes two multi-storey car parks providing 1,700 parking spaces and a two-storey taxi holding area. Built to handle up to 16 million passengers a year, Terminal 4 as well as expansion work at Terminal 1, will increase Changi’s total capacity to 85 million passengers.

7. Control Tower

A 68m-high control tower has also been built to enhance air traffic controllers’ management of aircraft movements in the apron and taxiways around the terminal. 

8. Tighter Security

To integrate safety management activities across all industry players, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) will develop a State Safety Programme. Security considerations will be also woven into the design of new terminals. At Terminal 4 for example, self-service check-in kiosks will be equipped with biometric features.

9. Seamless Aerobridge

An overhead vehicular bridge across Airport Boulevard will be constructed to provide a seamless connection to enable buses and other airside vehicles to move from T4 to these aircraft stands. 

10. Relaxing Green Sanctuaries 

There will be a boulevard of trees at Boarding corridor; natural light filtering into the hall and a Rock garden in the baggage claim hall to boost the greenery in Terminal 4. This creates a relaxing atmosphere for visitors to feel more at ease and calm. Isn’t it nice to see some relaxing green sanctuaries among the rushing, face-paced passengers getting ready to fly?

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