Cancelled More Than 10 GrabCar Trips a Week? You Could Be Fined $2


If you are one who has been cancelling your Uber or Grab rides, this is one news you should definitely keep a look out for.

S$2 fine for cancellation

According to an article from Channel News Asia, from today onwards, you will be fined a fee of S$2 if you cancel your Grab rides more than 10 times in a week. If found doing so, the fine will be charged to the passenger’s GrabPay account. 

Non-GrabPay passengers who hit the cancellation limit will have to enable GrabPay before they are allowed to make a new booking – no more changing your minds after booking your cabs now! 

Protecting the rights of drivers

This implementation is done so as to protect the driver’s rights from the passengers. There have also been many occurrences when Grab had to reimburse the drivers for their loss of income and any foul play where the passengers cancelled the ride after 5 minutes of waiting. 

“Cancellations made by drivers or passengers cause huge inconveniences to one another – loss of earnings for drivers already en-route to pick up a passenger and loss of trust for passengers waiting for their ride to arrive

However, passengers will be given ample notice before the deduction is made so that they are clear about their offenses.  The company will also be reviewing its fine scheme from time to time.

So for those who have been playing pranks on Grab, it’s time to stop! Else, just stick to Uber instead lah. 

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