10 Facts About Games of Thrones You Probably Didn’t Know Of

It is possible that more than 80% of Singaporeans are currently watching Season 7 of the Games of Thrones (GoT) on HBO. Or even more #justguessing

It’s so popular right here in Singapore that two months ago, there was even a life-sized ice sculpture of the Iron Throne and your favourite Game Of Thrones characters at Orchard Cineleisure.

So, other than knowing that everyone around you had gone crazy with this popular series, what else do you know about GoT?

The original pilot of GoT was completely different.
Back in 2009, there was an original pilot of GoT that was directed by Tom McCarthy, the guy who directed The Station Agent, Win Win and The Cobbler. The pilot was scrapped, rewritten and reshot. The director was replaced by Tim Van Patten, the shooting location changed from Scotland and Morocco to Northern Ireland, Croatia and Malta, as well as recasting some of the characters.

If that had not been cancelled, we could well be seeing a very different GoT now!

Babies are named after GoT characters
Yes, these unfortunate babies are named after GoT characters after the show became an international hit. In 2013 to 2014, 1,544 babies were named Arya in the USA, while 368 babies were named Khaleesi, which in fact, isn’t a proper name but a title for “Queen”. 60 were named Tyrion and 15 named Theon! Thankfully, there weren’t any Joffrey (at least not on record).

Nine cast members were also in the Harry Potter movies
It shouldn’t be a surprise that cast members of GoT are suitable for Harry Potter and vice versa. Actors such as Ciaran Hinds, Bronson Webb, Ralph Ineson and Edward Tudor-Pole are all part of the both shows. Julian Glover, the voice-over of Aragog the Spider in The Chamber of Secrets played the atrocious Grand Master Pychelle.

There are complains that there is not enough male nudity
Wait, say what? GoT is famous for female nudity. There have been objections from both the media and the celebrities themselves who felt that there is a serious difference between male and female nudity. Even cast member Jack Gleeson said that both genders should have the chance to be objectified, instead of just objectifying the women in the show. Hmmm…

The introduction to the GoT episode changes from time to time
Most people will skip the introduction scenes and jump straight to the show. These people missed out the wonders of the changing introductions. The locations of the introduction change whenever a new land is introduced to the show.

Master Aemon is the oldest actor in GoT
Peter Vaughn is the blind Maester Aemon of The Wall. Compassionate by nature, he is possibly the calmest man in the whole show. Peter Vaughn is the oldest actor at 92 years old, and he is also blind in real life!

George R.R. Martin determined the ending of the TV series
With two books that are still work in progress, Martin had spoken to showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and told them the ending of the books. It is an insurance against the unforeseen circumstance that he could not complete the books or in an extreme case, angry fans succeed in assassinating him due to his choices of characters being killed in the story.

Like, seriously: he was afraid of fans killing him #firstworldproblems

George R.R. Martin does not use Microsoft Word to write
Martin is a clever man. He knows what he is doing, and he is not letting Microsoft Word to rule his life by correcting his words into something else. He works with a DOS computer and writes using WordStar 4.0 instead! Don’t know what they are? You’re too young, my friend.

There are more pirates in the real world than in GoT
This shouldn’t be a surprise to most of us, since we all know the seriousness of illegal downloads and copyright piracy. GoT is the most pirated show in the world, and the worst part of it is the fact that it is constantly breaking its own records in illegal downloads that it had set in previous episodes.

Guess HBO and Netflix should really work out their differences, because in Singapore, the only way to watch it is on StarHub.

There are 70 ways to say “Hodor”
The giant Hodor is the best character to represent goodness in the GoT series. Everything he does is pure bliss. According to the actor who played Hodor, there are 70 different ways to say “Hodor” in order to express his emotions. Kristian Nairn shared that there is the happy Hodor, the sad Hodor and the angry Hodor. Every emotion is expressed with a slight difference in the way Hodor is uttered.

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