10 spookiest Thailand horror movies you should watch with your girlfriend because she’ll protect you

Horror movies might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the adrenaline-pumping, heart-racing feeling that you get while watching one is irreplaceable, so why not indulge in your fears and check out these 10 creepy Thai horror movies that are sure to leave you nervous for many days.


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If you ask someone about Thai horror, chances are they will have heard of Shutter before. This wildly popular film about a vengeful spirit and a spine-chilling plot twist will leave you worried about dark places and camera for awhile. Oh yeah. And it will encourage you to not do bad deeds.


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While the name might sound gimmicky and lame, it actually represents the 4 parts to this one horror film and translates to ‘crossroads’ in Thai. Although the 4 parts are not exactly linked, they do have connections in terms of the people involved and after watching it, you will definitely have a phobia of a few things.

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Yes, another innocent-sounding name but there is no innocence in this movie. It’s similar to the Japanese horror movie The Ring, but with more gore and drama.

Meat Grinder

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As what the name suggests, this film is centered on a lady serving up humans to her customers and as they keep returning for the taste, a cycle of killing and cannibalism continues. Might not be for the fainthearted or those who can’t stand gore.

Art of the Devil 2

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This film is cleverly written and the multiple plot twists will leave you slightly awed. Perhaps what makes it so scary is how it involves school-children and teachers and after watching this, maybe you’ll never look at your classmates and teachers in the school the same way again.

Art of the Devil 3

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If you thought the second movie in this series couldn’t get scarier, you’re wrong. This film is a prequel to the previous one and exposes an even more horrifying backstory filled with black magic, torture, and infidelity. Certainly recommended if you want to get mind blown and scared shitless at the same time.

Ladda Land

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This film actually has a really sad ending that might outshine the paranormal element of the plot, but if you think that you can handle the slow destruction of a family and the heart-wrenching emotions that come with watching them become innocent victims of a curse, then this is for you.

Pee Mak

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You might have heard of this one before and it’s actually horror comedy, so if you’re not into the hardcore horror movies, watch this and you might be able to sleep okay at night. Furthermore, it has a happy ending that might give you fuzzy feelings, although not exactly the traditional happy ever after.


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Love, Revenge, Hauntings…Once again, there is a major plot twist that will leave you shocked and while this film does not have extremely intense or fast-paced plot lines, its simple but scary story line will certainly make you jumpy for a few days.

Train of the Dead

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Yup, it’s a train full of dead people. If you’re already scared of MRTs at night, then this might not be the best show for you. But if you haven’t committed a crime lately, then these ghosts will probably not haunt you.

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