8 Changes To Your Tigerair Booking After Merger With Scoot You Must Know Cuz Tiger No More After 25 Jul

If you haven’t heard, Tigerair will stop existing this year.

They’re merging with Scoot airline and the brand will cease operations on 25 July 2017.

News of this merger hit Singapore as early as last year, but the reason why it took so long is that the folks in the two airlines are working hard to integrate their systems together.

So what happens to those people who hold tickets with Tigerair? Are their tickets still valid? 

Here are 8 changes to your Tigerair booking after the merger you got to know. Especially if you’re going on a holiday with Tigerair this year end!

1. Flight Schedules For Tigerair Will Remain The Same Despite Brand Merge

So you’ve bought air tickets from Tigerair for flights after 25 July 2017. What’s going to happen to those tickets?

Don’t worry, while the brand might no longer exist, flight departure and arrival date and time will remain the same.

2. Tigerair Branded Itinerary Will Still Be Accepted as Proof Of Booking

Image: iamtenten.com

Scoot will accept all Tigerair-branded itinerary (like the one above) as proof of booking for flight check-ins.

The folks at Scoot do advise you to log on to FlyScoot.com and manage your booking to get the most up-to-date information at least 24 hours in advance. 

3. Flight Check-Ins

Before 25 July, Tigerair passengers can still check-in at Tigerair’s counters located in Terminal 2.

However, after 25 July, all Tigerair and Scoot passengers will need to check-in at Scoot’s counters, located at rows 10, 11 and 12 in Terminal 2. 

Web check-in, on the other hand, will be done through flyscoot.com from now on.

Check-in timings will be reflected in your updated itinerary.

4. Scoot’s Flights Will Be Redesignated 

Image: paranomia.com

Passengers travelling on Scoot, if you have the habit of finding your flight based on the flight number, take note that all Scoot flights will be redesignated to TR instead of TZ.

The flight numbers itself will not change.

Travel insurance coverage will still be valid based on the original destination and travel date selected. You can also use web check-in or mobile check-in with the change in flight number/designator code.

5. Manage Your Bookings Via FlyScoot

If you need to change your booking, Tigerair and Scoot passengers can do so via Flyscoot.com, which has been enhanced to handle both Tigerair and Scoot flight bookings.

Or you can just reach out to Scoot’s integrated call centre.

6. Standard Chartered Tigerair Platinum Credit Cards and Vouchers

If you’re holding onto the Standard Chartered Tigerair Platinum Credit Cards, you can enjoy the benefits and privileges of the card until 31 Dec 2017.

If you have any SCB vouchers previously awarded to you, you have until 28 Feb 2018 to redeem the vouchers, or whenever it expires, whichever comes sooner.

Similarly, if you have any vouchers from Tigerair, it can still be used with Scoot unless expired.

7. Tigerair’s Holiday Package (Hotel + Flight) Will Not Be Offered By Scoot

Scoot has made it clear. They will not be offering Hotels+Flights packages to their customers.

However, if you have bought one from Tigerair previously, rest assure that it will still be honoured base on the confirmation email that was sent to you.

Call +65 6701 1301, Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm (GMT+8) if you need to make any changes to your booking before 25 July 2017.

8. Tigerair’s Website & App Will Be Shut Down

Tigerair’s website will automatically redirect guests to flyscoot.com. Their mobile app, on the other hand, will be disabled.

Guests can continue to use services through Scoot’s mobile app or flyscoot.com.

Know anyone holding onto Tigerair tickets with departure date after 25 July? Make sure they know these changes too!

You’re welcome! 😉

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