AFC Organizer Has Revealed Pradip’s Cause of Death: It was Cardiac Arrest

Yesterday night, a celebrity fight meant to drum up publicity for the Asia Fighting Championship turned into a tragedy when Pradip Subramanian, a last-minute replacement for Sylvester Sim, passed away at 9:00 p.m. in Singapore General Hospital after the fight.

The organizer has since released a statement pertaining to the demise as shown below:

According to the preliminary medical report released by Singapore General Hospital, Mr Pradip Subramanian suffered a cardiac arrest respiratory failure episode which led to his passing. The final medical report will be released in 30 to 60 days.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr Pradip Subramanian’s family during this difficult time.

This statement is released by AFC Holding Singapore.

A cardiac arrest is “a sudden stop in effective blood flow due to the failure of the heart to contract effectively.”

It is different from a heart attack, as shown in this video.

According to The Straits Times, Steven Lim is still in shock. He said that he was very affected and felt sad over this.

Before the fight, Mr Pradip had even offered to help Steven Lim put on his gloves.

Ever since the incident, Asia Fighting Championship’s Facebook Page has been receiving multiple one-star reviews.

Image: Facebook (Asian Fighting Championship)

The police is investigating Mr Pradip’s death.

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