If You Apply For PDVL Before 30 Jun, You Can Continue Driving W/O PDVL For a Year

Grab and Uber drivers, listen up. You must apply for your Private Vehicle Driving License (PDVL) before 30 June.

Or you won’t be able to drive for a period of time. If you aren’t aware, from 1 July 2017, you need to have a PDVL before you can drive Grab or Uber.

According to a press release by LTA, drivers are encouraged to apply for their PDVL before 30 June 2017.

Drivers who make the deadline will be given a one-year grace period to take your PDVL. This means you’re able to continue driving even without the PDVL for a year.

On the other hand, if you do not make the deadline, you’ll have to wait for your license before you can start driving.

So why does that matter?

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Think of how many people are applying for PDVL. LTA announced that about 22,000 private car drivers were given the approval to register for the PDVL course. 

In order to get the license, you have to go through a 10-hour course organised by the Singapore Taxi Academy where they’ll teach you about the rules and regulations, safety and service quality.

The course consists of a 2-hour self-study and a 8-hour classroom work. Now add in the fact that your application needs time to be processed and time slots are limited.

You can expect to face a long period of waiting time.

For those who are driving part-time, this won’t affect you that much. But for those who are driving full time? This period of waiting will absolutely kill you.

Just note that for drivers who have the Taxi Vocational Driving License, you can drive both private cars and taxis.

Uber to Ease Application Process For Drivers

Image: tnp.sg

Uber has created a Fast Lane programme to ease the process for their drivers. They announced that over 90% of their drivers have signed up for it, and this includes organising medical screening services at their office in Paya Lebar for their drivers.

Both Companies to Implement Stricter Control Over Bad Driving

Image: techcrunch.com

Now, personally, I’ve yet to experience a bad Uber or Grab ride yet, but I’ve heard of horror stories.

You’ll be happy to know that both companies are taking measures to improve the driving of their drivers.

Uber will be generating a daily report on driving patterns of their drivers and provide said information to their drivers so they can change.

Grab also said it’ll be expanding the use of its telematics programme to track indicators of driving behaviour like dangerous swerving, hard braking and sudden acceleration.


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