Auntie Caught on Film Scolding SBS Bus Driver Non-Stop But There’s Something Wrong in the Video

Living in Singapore as long as you have, I’m sure there’s something about old people you’ve come to realise.

Instead of being grandmotherly or grandfatherly, these old folks are terrifying.

They won’t hesitate to make your life difficult if they feel you’ve slighted them. And the reason why you give up your reserved seats on public transports isn’t because you feel they deserve it.

You just don’t want trouble.

True, true. So much truth.

So when I first came across this video uploaded to Stomp about an old woman scolding an SBS bus driver non-stop throughout the bus journey, I thought it was another old person showing pioneer syndrome.

That is: because I was around longer than you, I deserve your respect. And don’t you dare do anything otherwise or I’ll make your life living hell.

Watch the full video below:

The video was uploaded to praise the driver for enduring her scolding quietly and calmly.

The old lady kept saying she’ll ask her son to come down and take a look. The voice of an old man could be heard as well.

When a middle-aged woman stepped forward to ask the old lady not quarrel with the driver while he’s driving and to lodge a complaint with SBS instead.

The old lady asked her to mind her own business. 

The STOMPER who uploaded the video wanted to compliment the driver for his patience, but there’s something amiss in the video.

“He told me to ask my son to come down and drive instead.”

That was what the old woman kept repeating throughout the tirade. Even the middle-aged woman who stepped forward to diffuse the situation agreed that was what the driver said.

It was unclear what started the situation, but I don’t think that you can clap with one hand. 

At least not in this situation. 

What do you think?

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