Your Belt Has A Hidden Useful Function & It Has Nothing to Do With Keeping Your Pants On

In my own opinion, belts are the most useful fashion accessory on your body.

You can use it to keep your pants on. You can use it to tie a bulky item to your bag.

Hell, you can even use it as a weapon.


Okay, I’m kidding. Please don’t do that.

You’ll get arrested faster than you can put your belt back on.

Just a quick question.

How many times have you bought bottles of beer or other drinks with metal caps, only to freeze when you realise you don’t have a bottle cap opener?


Before you try knocking the glass bottleneck against an edge to try and force open the bottle cap (and possibly adding glass shards into your drink), you got to know this.

There’s another useful hidden function of your belt you probably didn’t know

First things first, do you own a belt like this?

Because if you do, there’s a useful hidden function this belt has that most people wouldn’t even notice.

Specifically, this belt buckle.

Open up the flap and you’ll see this.

Does the shape look familiar to you? It should because that’s a goddamn, real AF, bottle cap opener.

And it works. #TestedAndProven

Before you ask if it’s limited to any specific brand, it’s not.

At least it doesn’t seem to be.

This writer owns two belts of similar design: an $8 belt from Bangkok and one awesome-looking (expensive) orange belt from Superdry.

And both belts have this hidden function.

While we’re not able to verify if every belt of this design has this hidden function, it doesn’t hurt to check, right?

Just note that you precious belt might be scratched from just one use lah.

But you know what they say, right? No (heart)pain, no gain lah.

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