Certis Cisco Officer Fired 1 Bullet Coz He ‘Didn’t Know What He Was Thinking’

“Fire away, fire away.” You’ll think that I was just referring to a song lyrics till you read this article. 

Certis Cisco officer fired a bullet 

A corporal from security firm Certis Cisco has fired off a round while he was fooling around with his revolver, claiming that he didn’t know what went through his mind when he did it.

According to TodayOnline, It was heard in a district court on Monday (Jan 9) that he was afraid of losing his job, which led him to come up with the lie that he had lost two bullets in the toilet.

Covering it up with a lie

Gregory Lai, 23, allegedly removed five bullets from his gun and reloaded it with one when he was on duty at an observation post at Tuas Checkpoint on Aug 13, 2015. He pulled the trigger twice, and the gun went off on the second squeeze. He later found part of the bullet under a table in the small room. To cover up his actions, he threw a different bullet into the toilet bowl and informed the operations room that he had lost two bullets in the toilet.

Fellow corporal Muhammad Dzul Adhar Azmi, who witnessed the entire episode, helped Lai to dispose the discharged bullet at Bedok Reservoir.

He has been jailed three weeks and fined S$2,000 for helping Lai to do so and failing to report his offence last October.

Only one bullet was found in the search at the toilet, and Lai eventually confessed to his actions five days later. He was charged with carrying out a rash act which could endanger human life, obstructing the course of justice, and lying to the police.

He did not know what he was thinking

When asked why in a police statement tendered to the court, Lai said: “I did not know what I was thinking.” Claiming that he merely wanted to save his job, he was also “not prepared” to tell the truth at that time.

Lai had gone through weapons training which includes rules on using a gun, such as keeping the weapon holstered at all times except in the face of a threat. The gun should never be pointed at anyone or anything unless there was justification.

Oh man. Talking about a serious case of denial. The trial will continue on Wednesday with Lai on the stand

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