Couple Waited 30 Min for Convenience Store Cashier to Wake Up, Then Stomp Her

What would you do if you enter a convenience store in the middle of the night, and see that there’s no cashier at the counter? And what if you see the cashier at an area, dozed off?

I bet you’ll just wake him up, pay for your stuff and go off.

Well, at least that’s what I do, because I’ve seen my share of people sleeping while on the night shift of convenience stores and petrol stations. And it’s so common, I don’t even remember what else I can do.

But this couple—fondly known as Ah Leong and wife in Stomp—did something else.

Instead of, you know, waking up the cashier, whom they can see, they decided to wait for thirty minutes. And during this wait, they even took the effort to film the cashier, and sent the story to Stomp.

According to Ah Leong, this was his experience: “I knocked on the office door to wake her up and told her that we had been waiting for 30 minutes to pay for the bread. She was very rude and just answered me with, ‘So?’”

Okay, the rude part isn’t acceptable, but…waiting for thirty minutes? They could have literally walked to another convenience store, or even two convenience stores.

And it’s no surprise when netizens came out with strong comments from Stomp’s Facebook Page.

Wait, impatient? Shouldn’t it be patient, since he waited thirty minutes to pay for his bread?

In fact, if the Stomper hadn’t used the words “thirty minutes”, I guess it would have been a different story.

Oh, well. Internet. What can you expect?

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