M’sian Chiobu Complains About Thefts on FB but People are only Interested in Her Looks

Theft is serious business. Especially if it takes place in broad daylight, sometimes even during important exams. 

But guess what? Sometimes, even theft itself isn’t as important when faced with a pretty woman. 

Facebook Complaint about Missing Items in School

Facebook user Yuzana Win decided to take her frustrations about the widespread occurrence of missing items in her school to Facebook. 

She claimed that her friend’s vehicle was broken into and all important valuables were taken from his car. She went on to talk about how her two friends were “blindly robbed” in an exam hall. 

The final straw was when the campus security couldn’t assist in the matter as the footage was too “blurred” and “there’s not much they can do”. They advised the students to lodge a police report instead.

According to her, it’s unbelievable that a campus who has enough money to maintain a swimming pool is unable to maintain better security CCTVs.

She went on to claim that while she has never had her stuff stolen from her, she empathise with the victims who had to “go through a lot of hassle” to replace their valuables.

Segi University Kota Damansara

Image: segi.edu.my

Segi University Kota Damansara is an RM300 million flagship campus which is a hallmark of private higher education in Malaysia. 

What caught people’s attention wasn’t her message, though.

While some paid attention to her message, other people were more interested in her looks.

Her post has since been taken down. 

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