Don’t Say Bojio: 1-For-1 Promotions At Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria (14 Jul-10 Aug)

Are you a fan of Japanese food?

I mean, with a huge variety of choices from fresh sashimi, crunchy tempura to tendon soup ramen, you must have some favourites within the list, right?

Well, what I’m going to present to you is a list as well but it’s not a list of Japanese food.

Nope, not going to waste your time that way. It’ll be something even better.



Delic-you know what? Let’s just get to it.

Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria celebrating 1-year anniversary


To celebrate their 1st year anniversary, Japan Food Town is giving out 1-for-1 deals from 16 different Japanese restaurants from 14 July to 10 August 2017. 

Yes, one entire month. More than enough time for everyone to share in the celebration, right?

Here’s the list of 1-for-1 promo from participating tenants sorted according to dates:

  • KyoTo Kappo Taki’s Shokado Bento (S$33++)
  • Machida Shoten’s signature Yokohama-style IEKEI Ramen (S$14++)
  • Osaka Kitchen’s Tonpei-Yaki (S$8++)
  • Tonkatsu Anzu’s Pork Loin Katsu Curry (S$27++)

  • Nabe Seizan’s Kagoshima Black Pork Rice Bowl Set (S$25++)
  • Sabar’s Assorted Toro SABA Sushi (S$22++)
  • Shabu Shabu Gyujin’s 45-minute session of AUS Beef Shabu-Shabu (S$24.90) with all-you-can-eat vegetables and rice
  • Yomoda Soba’s Hot Chicken Nanban Soba (S$15.80)

  • Hokkaido Izakaya’s Sirloin Steak (S$58++) and Kobore Sushi (S$48++)
  • Inaniwa Yosuke’s  cold Seiro Udon (S$10.80++) or hot Kake Udon (S$10.80++)
  • Rang Mang Shokudo Special Rang Mang Curry with Salad (S$14++) 
  • Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka’s Tsuki Chirashidon (S$25.10++) (lunch) / Kiwami Sushi (S$32.60++) (dinner)

  • Bar Nippon’s Somen (S$10++)
  • Bonta Bonta’s Salmon Oyako Don (S$20++) 
  • Tempura Tsukiji Tenka’s Anago Tendon with Salad Udon Set (S$29.80)
  • Yakiniku Heijoen’s Special Yakiniku Don (S$22++)

And that’s not all!

1-for-1 is good but what if I tell you there’s a chance you can eat for free?

Japan Food Town is holding a Facebook & Instagram contest where 4 lucky people can win themselves S$1,000 dining vouchers at Japan Food Town

Simply post celebratory entries with the hashtag #JFT1Anniversary to join! Who knows, you might just heng heng tio.

Time to jio your Jap food buddies out for a meal liao. Or many many meals lah, since the various 1-for-1 deals will take place over the period of one entire month.

You’re welcome! 😉

Address: 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria Unit 04-39/54, Singapore 238877 

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**All images from Japan Food Town Facebook Page unless otherwise stated

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