Don’t Say Bojio: $1 Krispy Kreme Donuts in All Outlets Only for Today (12 Oct)!

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I am sure you’re craving for some donuts now, but if you live in the east (like me), heading all the way to the west of Singapore just to satisfy your craving is not economical.

But hang on before you decide to grab yourself some mediocre donuts—Krispy Kreme is having a promotion that will satisfy your sudden lust for donuts!

Krispy Kreme is celebrating its 4th-year anniversary/birthday in Singapore (yes, it has been four years since it made its way to our sunny shores) by having a special one-day-only promotion.

What is it you might ask?

Their popular (and iconic) Original Glazed donut is going for 12 for $12 only for today (12 Oct)!

Image: Krispy Kreme Singapore Facebook page

Yes, a dozen!

Technically, you’re only paying a dollar for one—if you do the maths. And guess what? The promotion is in all outlets. We can’t find any terms and conditions, but here’s their Facebook reply to the question in everyone’s mind: deal is for all day or while stock lasts?

So yes, they do get out of stock but they’re doing something to prevent it.

Get a box of one dozen donuts and share it with your friends and family now! Here’s a list of the outlets.

A sweet beginning to TGIF (yeah, I know there’s still one more day, but yo)!

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Featured Image: Krispy Kreme Singapore Facebook page