Don’t Say Bojio: Bossini Warehouse Sale With Prices Starting From $3! (Until 22 Oct)

Who shops at Bossini?

My mum… and my colleague, Xiao Hun.

Cause Xiao Hun just gave Xiao Hao (another of my colleague) the death stare when he said, “Who still shops at Bossini?”



But don’t worry, they are still friends. It’s just the age difference.

Back to the deal.

Image: Bossini Facebook Page

Bossini is having a warehouse sale from now till 22 Oct 2017. Yay!

What do you think of when you think of Bossini? Be honest now.

Do you see @chloeandchoo rocking the brand in this sweet cherry long-sleeve?

Image: Bossini Singapore Facebook Page

Yup, what she’s wearing is from Bossini. Bet you didn’t know. I just gave Xiao Hun an answer to Xiao Hao’s question earlier on.

Meh, moving on.

What about something for the guys?

Image: Bossini Singapore Facebook Page

Wa, who’s this good-looking guy? Err, I mean, what he wears kinda looks good on him. No?

The main point is… you can also get this look from our Bossini.

So think about it right now.

If the lady and gentleman above can get those looks above by pairing what Bossini offers, what more you? 😉

I heard that deals start from as low as $3 at this warehouse sale! So channel that “aunty” in you, go dig into those heaps of clothes and maybe you might find some treasure there.


But first, you need to know where this warehouse sale is located.

Here it is: 4 Leng Kee Road, SIS Building #01-04.


They are only open until 6 pm, for I don’t know what reason. So, those office workers, no choice for you. Go on weekends.

But remember to bring cash or nets because they don’t accept VISA or Masters.

Happy shopping!

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Feature Image: Bossini Facebook Page

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