Don’t Say Bojio: Burger King Value Box Gives 5 Items For Just $6.90. Even better than KFC

KFC had them first: value boxes with 5 items that won’t just save your wallets, but also produce a rather satisfied belly.

And an expanded waistline, but nobody is complaining.

Image: KFC Delivery Singapore
Image: KFC Delivery Singapore

Note: these are the delivery prices. Actual retail prices are slightly cheaper.

Well, it looks like there’s a new player in the market.

And this player, whose in-game codename is ‘BurgerKingohyeahyeah’, is no newbie in the field.

So step aside, KFC, and give it up for…


Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

From $6.90, enjoy the King Box™’s 5 delectable items. Get yours at BK today!

Posted by Burger King Singapore on Monday, 18 September 2017

Can you hear that? That’s my belly doing the boom-boom-pow.

Dirt cheap is an understatement

So… you’re telling me that for the price of $7.90, you get a burgernuggetsfries, pie and a drink?

Image: Reaction GIFs

That’s… unbelievably crazy.

And it’s not even just the Rendang Double Beef Burger!

Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

If you’re not the beefy kind of person, you can totally go for the chick or the fish!

Just picture it: you take a bite out of your burger; the luscious meat juices run down your mouth, and you reach for a nugget to wipe it clean, and dunk it into your mouth.

You then take a sip out of your Coke, before popping a few french fries in.

When everything is finished, you retrieve the pie out of its golden shell and bite into it oh so slowly.

Damn, I’m salivating just at the thought of it. Boss, can we order one today? Pretty please?

Clarification: while prices do start from $6,90, the premium boxes like the Rendang Double Beef King Box cost $7.90. You can head down to their individual stores to find out more about the exact prices!

Also, the Rendang Double Beef King Box and the Chicken Whopper King Box are available only for a limited time.

Extra Bonuses

Because we are such good guys, we will also tack on some extra deals we came across while stalking Burger King’s Facebook page.

Apparently, the King’s also got some sick Stackers

Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

Which you can pile as high as you want. Just be prepared to pay more la. It’s $1.50 per layer.

And a 2 for $4 killer deal.

Image: Burger King Singapore Facebook Page

Image: Imgflip

What are you waiting for?

Get yours today, at any Burger King outlet near you!

Chiong ahhh!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Burger King Singapore)

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