Don’t Say Bojio: KFC 1-For-1 Cheese Fries For Dine-In & Takeaway On Weekdays (Until 25 Sep)

With the recent stunts that KFC is up to such as the #SorryNotSorry Double Down burger, cheese fries, most KFC lovers’ personal favourite, has been forgotten in the excitement.

Well, guess what?

Cheese fries die-hard fans, rejoice! Because Cheese Fries are back in the limelight again!


And honestly, what better way to do it than a promo, right?

1-For-1 KFC Cheese Fries For Dine-in & Takeaway

Image: KFC Facebook Page

From 13-25 Sep 2017, purchase anything from KFC and you get to enjoy this 1-for-1 cheese fries deal.

To redeem, you can just screenshot the e-coupon above and show it to the counter staff.

And voila! It’s yours liao.

Just take note that when you purchase this, it’s not considered as an add-on but ala carte instead.

So that’s $4.20 for 2. 

But think about it, that’s like $2.10 per cheese fries, still cheaper than if you add-on cheese fries ($2.50).

This promotion is valid for weekdays only and is only available for a limited period, so make sure to be fast.

If you’re more of a morning person (sort of), check out the breakfast promo they currently have as well.

KFC Weekdays A.M. Deals From $3

You have burgers and coffee.

Or if you’re more of a wrap person.

Don’t worry, I’ve tried their wraps before. It’s not like the popiah size wrap McDonald’s used to serve.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get finger-licking good. Except you lick cheese off your fingers this time.

Tag your friends who love cheese fries! 😉

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Feature Image: KFC Facebook Page

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