Don’t Say Bojio: There’s A Hokkaido Fair Happening At Taka From 6-18 Oct

We are nearly done with 2017, and you’re probably preparing your itinerary for your getaways.

If you’re heading to Hokkaido, home to picturesque views of mountains and gardens, you would have prepared a list of food to try, such as fresh seafood, donburi bowls, and ramen noodles.

And for those who are not heading to Hokkaido, there is a Hokkaido-themed fair at Takashimaya. You’ll get to experience Hokkaido food scene without leaving Singapore!


It will be happening from 6 Oct to 18 Oct at Basement 2—Food Hall. Yeah, that super big hall that sometimes made people lose their way.

Heading to Hokkaido  soon? Going to The Autumn Hokkaido Fair would be a perfect prelude to your trip. It is repleted with tantalising treats that will make any foodie salivate.

How about some grilled seafood from Kato Suisan?


Delicious Donburi from Rengaya?


You could end your feast on a sweet note with Cafe Akira’s saccharine treats.


Going to Japan without having to go to Japan. What are you waiting for?

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