Don’t Say Bojio: Travel to Taipei from $99 with Scoot (Book Before 14 Feb)


In true Scoot fashion, we’re once again greeted with another round of promotion and discounts this week!

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, it’s no wonder that Scoot will jump on the bandwagon and begin offering travel deals for couples, with the Two-To-Go sale!


Oh, right, uh…

If you’re one of them forever alones, fret not— for you can also travel with your friends! (Well, it’s not like they will force you to kiss your friend to prove that you guys are an item or something)


(Yayyy, good for you)

In order to enjoy the two-to-go promotion,

  • Booking must be made only on this page or via Scoot mobile app
  • Select your desired destination
  • Enter your travel dates and ensure they are within the promotion’s travel period
  • Select travellers in pairs with a minimum of 2 travellers (e.g. 2 adults, 4 adults etc) and return trip
  • Look out for the ‘SALE’ icon on the applicable fares

In case you’re wondering which are the locations available for the promo and how much they will cost, here’s an overview of the prices!

Well, if you’re interested in finding out more, here’s the link to their promo page!

Why not surprise your loved ones with a trip overseas? I believe it would make an excellent present! Rather than spending $300 on some fancy restaurant, wouldn’t it be better for you to be relaxing on a quiet beach somewhere, away from the dust and noise of the city?

Image: Ong Yiin Jiunn

Ahh, memories of my Thailand trip is coming back to me—and I simply can’t wait for my upcoming trip to Taiwan already!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be booking another trip tonight! You guys shouldn’t wait too! I have a feeling the seats would be selling like hotcakes!

With that, Bon Voyage, fellow travellers! Hope to see you guys overseas!

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