Don’t Say Bojio: UNIQLO Orchard Central Flagship Store & Online Exclusive Sale (Until 24 Sep)

I‘m pretty sure you’ve tried UNIQLO clothes at least once.

Known as the R&D of the fashion industry, this Japanese brand is popular among Singaporeans.

They’re inexpensive and their clothes are really comfortable. Not to mention their designs not half bad too.

When their flagship store first opened at Orchard Central, thousands of Singaporeans went crazy. Think Hello Kitty queues, looted shelves and all.

Okay, maybe not that bad but you know what I mean.

Well, guess what? Their already inexpensive prices are about to get cheaper.

Here’s what you need to know.

UNIQLO Orchard Central Turns 1-Year-Old

Yes, how time flies. It’s been a year since UNIQLO opened their flagship store at Orchard Central and now, they’re celebrating their first birthday in style.

Just like your friends who celebrate their kid’s first year birthday by throwing a bash. One even grander than their own 21st birthday party.

Proving that they know us Singaporeans best, they’re celebrating in a way that makes us damn happy.

By providing exclusive sales. Yes, the magical 4-letter word.


From now till 24 Sep 2017, make your way down to their flagship store and enjoy exclusive prices on selected products.

And if that’s not enough, here’s something else you can be excited about.

UNIQLO is known for collaborating with amazing people to come up with new designs for their products, right?

For their “first-year birthday bash”, they will be inviting past collaborators and artists back to the store to talk about their art.

Every weekend will have a different artist. Perfect for those who want a breakthrough to the fashion industry, no?

And because we’re such awesome guys, we even prepared an excuse for you to go wild (not that you really need it).


What are you waiting for? Better jio your shopping kakis and shopping bag carrier (read: boyfriend, if any) out before everything gets looted. Again.

You can find out more here.

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