Everything You Need To Know About The Pen Knife Attack At Geylang Last Saturday

Yishun’s all the rage now with all the weird ass happenings, but it wasn’t always the troublemaker in the city.

There used to be another more prominent, arguably even more shady place.

The name’s Geylang, Geylang Lorong 1-100.

If you’re not aware, Geylang’s renowned for three things: food, ‘dirty business’ and fights. And it was really pops back in the day. For all the wrong reasons.

It took a quieter turn to allow its cousin Yishun to shine, but it seems that it wants its spotlight back.

And what better way to announce its comeback than an old-school bloody, atrocious and outrageous… penknife attack?

What exactly happened?


Image: Straits Times

On 9 September 2017, at Geylang Lorong 18, a 42-year-old man attacked a 26 year-old-woman with a penknife, using it to slash her face and back.

According to a witness, the woman was “brutally attacked with her head heavily bandaged“.

She was subsequently rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital with lacerations on her cheek and shoulder blade.

Police Intervention

The police told The Straits Times that they had received a request for help at 340 Geylang Road at 11.23pm.

The assailant was swiftly apprehended for ‘voluntarily causing hurt by a dangerous weapon’.

Investigations are ongoing.

Why did he attack her?

The intention behind the attack wasn’t disclosed, but it was revealed that the assailant and victim had known each other.


We won’t know why the attack happened until investigations conclude but we hope that the girl will recover soon.

Every female value her appearance (not being sexist, guys do too), and a scar on the face might hurt beyond the physical surface.

As for the guy, well good riddance.

When the investigations are over, we will update you again.

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Feature Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

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