Everything You Need to Know About This Thai Ad That Has Gone Super Viral

In just 4 days, this incredible Thai ad went viral on Facebook, gaining over 28 million views and nearly 350k shares.

Following the trend of ridiculous advertising in Thailand, this ad went even further, bringing viewers along a 5-min roller coaster ride through the most number of twists ever lumped together in a video.

Take a look here.

[Thai Ad] This Ad You Would Guess What They Are Selling

Seriously… This ad: 1 me: 0 🙌

Posted by AsianCrush on Thursday, 6 April 2017

Like the caption, it’s basically impossible to guess what the video is trying to sell until the very end when they tell you. It started with two women complaining of being too unattractive to get a boyfriend, showing their advances to the office hunk being rejected repeatedly.

It seems like they’re trying to sell some beauty product, but suddenly, your attention is directed to a printer. Are they somehow trying to sell a printer or paper? BOOM. They get transported into the future through the printer, where science has advanced to the point where facial surgery is instant.

Beauty product then?

BOOM. The office babe has actually become the ugliest woman in the room, except that she had a slim figure.

Weight-loss product?

You’re only half right, as it is suddenly revealed that the weight loss is aided by instant coffee. Yeah.

The coffee is by the Thai brand, NatureGift coffee. According to the product description, it contains many nutrients, and can boost metabolism and increase the rate of burning calories and fat. They call it the Thermogenic Coffee Formula (fancy!).

Of course, these are all advertising, so who knows if they actually work exactly as mentioned?

As usual, responses online have been varied, though mostly centered around being absolutely bamboozled by the ad itself. A small number of others though, insist on being offended.

Some have taken offence to the objectifying message of the ad, that only when you slim down can you attract men. They, unfortunately, have completely missed the message about self-confidence, and the fact that this ad kind of makes fun of the physical attractiveness bit by being really silly.

I mean, come on, there’s time travel and instant cosmetic surgery, for crying out loud.

Thai advertisers, ignore the haters and keep doing what you’re doing, because even though we have no idea what that is, it seems to be working. Where can I buy NatureGift?

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