Everything You Need to Know About the New iPhone Announcement on 12 Sept

Well, here we go again.

You see, every year, Apple sets a media event, which will be streamed online, to introduce their new products.

Fill with adjectives and lots of applause that seemed rehearsed, this year’s event is set on 12 September 2017, which is about one week from now.

To be even more specific, it would be 12 September 2017, 10:00 a.m. PDT. That means it’s at 1:00 a.m. on 13 September 2017 for us Singaporeans. Yeah, a weekday.

You can watch the live-stream here.

Just like previous events, they’ve kept the content of the speech secret except for the location, date and time, and just like previous events, we more or less know what’s coming.

Image: macrumors.com

According to reports, they would allegedly introduce three new iPhones (obviously same design with different price points), a new Apple TV and a new Apple Watch.

The three new iPhones could be two revised editions of the iPhone 7 and the new iPhone 8.

Rumours of the new iPhone have been floating in the Internet for the last few months, with the most prominent ones being the removal of its iconic home button and a rounded corner design.

And of course, we’re all hoping that the rumour of it costing up to SGD$1,400 to celebrate its 10th anniversary is not true.

Pretty sure that’s just made up by Android fans.

This year’s event will take place at an entirely new place, the Steve Jobs Theatre in Silicon Valley. As it is iPhone’s 10th anniversary, it would be “different”, although I seriously don’t know how Apple can be different other than coming up with fancy new names for an old technology #sorrynotsorry

Over here in Singapore, as of last month (August 2017), 31.45% of smartphone users are using iPhone, so it’s about three out of ten phones in your office.

Last year, iOS has a market share of almost 40%.

Let’s just say that in one year, 10% of people in Singapore have switched from iPhone to Android.

Would iPhone 8 bring back these users?

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