Footage of a ‘Likes’ Factory That Shows You Why Some Influencers Have Many Likes

I just Googled “Instagram likes for sale” and here’re the results I get:

The supply is definitely overwhelming—and there’s only supply when there’s demand, right?

But anyways.

I went to the first link. For $9.95 (USD, I presume, so it should be SGD$13.77), I can get 1,000 Likes on Instagram. And they’re, well, from “quality profiles”.

Now that you know how “fake” this industry could be, here’s video that shows you how it is all possible.

Just so you know, this is a Likes factory in China generating Likes for WeChat. But let’s face it: there’s always going to be market for other social media platforms.

You see, in the past, buying Likes was done via bots: there would be programs that automatically create a profile, like an image and that repeated itself a few thousand times.

With this becoming a big issue, social media platforms have since tried to fix the loopholes by banning bots. This resulted in these “Likes” seller moving on to even more sophisticated, yet effectively, manner: creating a system using multiple phones and “manually” generating the Likes physically instead of through bots.

But here’s the thing: the fake Likes might not be bought by the person buying them. For example, Company A might just buy “Likes” for Company B, inflating Company B’s “Likes” and therefore effectively making Company B spent more…if Company B has apparently paid legitimately to the social media platform for real engagement.

And these workers for these click farms are paid lowly, at about $1 per 1,000 Likes.

Now, if you still think some of the influencers you know seem to have lots of engagement, or that some of your friends seem to be very popular online, hold your horses and remember this video: after all, the most influential and popular person doesn’t need lots of Likes on the Internet.

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